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InfoReview is a bilingual magazine for business communications, supported by EEIG – European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry from Brussels and SEFICT - Southeast Europe Forum ICT. With more than 20 years of experience, InfoReview has become a highly respected international business magazine, with more than 30,000 readers in European business world and SEE regions.

InfoReview is a media partner or sponsor to various economic forums around the world, as well as hundreds of specialized regional and international exhibitions, seminars and business events.
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Axiom Group HR Business Transformation Barcelona 2015
Case Study Show
Connect ID 2016 Washington
Konteh 2016
MVNO Grand Hotel Krasna
Axiom Barcelona 2016
Smart Tech 2016 - Goa, India
SDW 2016 London
Data Cloud 2016 Monaco
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Diskobolos 2015
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Our readers and subscribers

InfoReview is read primarily by managers and users of IT within great business systems in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, etc. We would also like to emphasize the fact that we have reached:
• The cabinet of President of the Republic of Serbia
• many State Institutions and Ministries( finance, economy, science, environment, capital investments, industries, healthcare, sea and road transportation)
• big, medium and small enterprises
• finance institutions (National Bank Serbia, Commercial Bank, Banca Intesa, EFG bank, Alfa bank, CA Meridian bank, Raiffeisenbank, Hypo-Alpe-Adria bank, KBC bank, Univerzal bank, Continental bank NLB Group, Commercial bank Belgrade, Commercial bank Pancevo, National Bank of Greece, Metals bank, OTP bank, Crady bank, Bank pay system, Mortgage bank, Bank Podgorica, AtlasMont bank, Central Montenegro bank, NLB Montenegro bank, Bobar Banka Bijeljina, Central Register of valuable papers, Banja Luka, Bankom, etc.)
Allied Telesis Austria GmbH, TREF Zagreb, INFOSISTEM Zagreb, Telsey CEE GmbH Austria, Pan- European University APEIRON Banja Luka, Micrography Sentrupert, TELECOM of the Republic of Serbian, LOGOS Zagreb, APC Holland, BLANK Dooel Skopje, etc.

industries (British American Tobacco, Tobacco Industry Nis, Vranje, etc.), Hipol, Hemomont, Milan Blagojevic, Foundry in Kikinda, Tigar MH, Rodic M&B company, braveries(Trebjesa, Apatin, BIP, etc.),sugar refineries (MK Commerce), cement plants (Lafarge BFC), Tarkett, Adriatic shipyard Bijela, etc.)

economic and non- economic organizations(Electro- industry Serbia EPS, Electro- industry of the Republic of Serbian, Electro Serbia Kraljevo, Electro Vojvodina, Electro Krajina, ElectroTimok, heating plant in Subotica, Energoprojekt, Srbijasume, JP TE Kostolac, Somboled, Sojaprotein, Swisslion, Imlek, Vital, Dijamant, Fidelinka, PIK Becej, Si&Si Company, Fresh&Co, Zastava, Knjaz Milos, Coca Cola, Centroproizvod, Centrotextil, Yuhor, Frikom, Steel, Sun, commercial organizations, insurance companies, science institutions, universities, schools, etc.)

Oil economy and petrochemistry (NIS, Jugopetrol, Petrochemistry Pancevo, Tehnogas, Lukoil – Beopetrol, Energogas, etc.)

healthcare and pharmaceutical institutions (VMA, Dr Simo Milosevic, Public Health Institute Serbia -Batut, National office for public health Belgrade, National healthcare fund Podgorica, Managers in health centers in Serbia and Montenegro, offices for public health within great systems, Galenika, Hemofarm koncern ZORKA Pharma, Zdravlje Leskovac, Panfarma, Hemomont, Velefarm, pharmaceutical institutions in Serbia, Montenegro, etc.)



InfoReview presents:
The most successful companies with their products, services and solutions for numerous working fields.

Exclusive presentations:

InfoReview devotes special place to significant events worldwide which are attended by magazine's representatives:

 IT Week, Tokyo, Japan
ICCSIT, Bali (Indonesia)
ECDL conferences
EEIG conferences
Edition of Le Festival de la Plaisance, Francuska
ICT Application - Shanghai China
SEE Management Forums Opatija
Broadbend world forums
European Leadership Centre - Bled
Menagement forum southeast Europe - Bled, Kopaonik
Risk - Maribor
Smart Event - Sophia Antipolis, France
WIMA conferences - Monaco
Crans Montana Forum
Economist Conferences - London
Gartner Symposium / ITxpo
International Advertising Festival Cannes Lions
VEF - Viena Economi Forums
Association World Congress - Saltzburg
WITSA conferences
Ericsson conferences
IFIP conferences
CEPIS conferences
Euroindia conferences

IT STAR conferences
Allied Telesyn conferences
SEFICT conferences
BAAN conferences
INFOTEH conferences
Santa Cruz Operation conferences
IBM conferences

InfoRewiev is a general sponsor of regional rallies:

• Infofest, in Budva
• Infotech, in Vrnjačka Banja
• Infoteh, in Jahorina
• YU INFO, in Kopaonik
• Telfor, in Belgrade
• Belgrade Fair, Fair in Novi Sad, Zagreb, Slovenia and Budva
• YUNG info
• Bank info
• SINERGIJA Belgrade, Novi Sad
• JISA, in Herceg Novi
• Diskobolos
• TKR Subotica

JISA InfoReview interviewed:

Exclusive interviews given for InfoReview:
• Boris Tadic, President of Republic of Serbia
• Mladjan Dinkic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development
• Bozidar Djelic, Vice-president of Government og the Republic of Serbia for European integrations and Minister of Science and Technological Development
• Mr. Josep M. Lloveras, Head of the Delegation of the European Commission in the Republic of Serbia
• Prof. Dr H Vejpustek, President of European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry
• Minister of Justice
• Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society
• Minister of Science and Technological Development
• First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior
• Governor of the National Bank of Serbia
• President of Commercial Court in Belgrade
• Ministry Chancellor for IT
• Minister of Communications and Transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Reza Mahdavi, Majkl Ganser and Jozek Gruskovnjak – Vice- presidents of Cisco Systems in the EMEA region
• Janez Bencina, IBM Region Manager for the SEA region
• Pol Stoden, Vice- president of the company, Toni Razvadovski General Manager for East Europe and Viktor Malinovski, Marketing and Sale Manager in Fujitsu Siemens Computers for Southeastern Europe
•Helmut Bauman, General Manager for public relationships in NCR
• Alfonso Di Lani, Vice- president of the Oracle for Europe and countries of ex- Soviet Union
• Takajosi Osima, Founder, Chairman and Executive Manager of Allied Telesys and Francesko Strameci, Chairman and Executive Manager of Allied Telesin Europe, etc.
We also talked to numerous General Managers from regional branch offices of SEE:
• Milos Durkovic, General Manager IBM branch office in Belgrade;
• Bo Andersen, President and Executive Manager of Ericsson branch office;
• Vlada Tanaskovic, General Manager of Fujitsu Siemens Computers branch office;
• Dragan Spanovic, General Manager SAP branch office and many others
• Simic Ivan, Director of Tax Administration

Our mission, vision and commitment

Primarily created magazine Info, which informed about science- specialized development events and ICT usages, and with cooperation with National and Science institutions and Commerce Associations, was transformed into InfoReview. Today, InfoReview is a key player of common commercial cooperation within SEE region. We initiate numerous economical events and the right place to present achieved results of leading companies in the region. By promoting these results we strive to encourage commercial cooperation in the region as well as beyond borders.
InfoReview is presently the only magazine of this kind in the SEE region that permanently provide information on new technologies and used solutions, as well as constant expanding of business contacts and efficient business.

How did we begin?

The first issue of Info magazine was published in 1993. The publication was launched with assistance from Meridian company, with aim to improve informing about new technologies, enhancing users communication, and experience exchange referring to new technology usage, solidarity and commercial- technical support from equipment and service deliverer. By founding of JISA, in 1994, the magazine became its official publication. After economical and political changes in Serbia in 2000 and after JISA entered all most significant regional, European and world economic associations, the magazine has began to attract more and more foreign readers. In 2008, we were finally supported by European Chamber of Commerce in Brussels and SEFICT – East European Forum. This led to necessity of bilingual issue of InfoReview, published in both Serbian and English.


Dynamics of publication and subscription

InfoReview is a bilingual magazine issued every three months. It is sold only by annual subscription that amounts 4.800 dinars (+ 20 % PDV) for Serbia or 48 euros for other European countries.

Basic information

InfoReview editorial office is in Belgrade, Zmaj Jovina Street 4/VI, PAK 103813
Telephones: + 381 11 2620-374
Fax: + 381 11 2620-374