JISA INFOREVIEW magazine in 2009.

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From content 6/09 we highlight:


Jubilee DISKOBOLOS 2009

Belgian, Czech, German, Romanian and Hungarian achievements awarded for the first time!

At the closing awarding ceremony held in Hotel Continental Belgrade on 22 December 2009, international recognition Diskobolos was assigned to this year’s highest quality solutions in ICT usage in almost all spheres of economy and non-economy. As Diskobolos has acquired European image more than ever before, it was logical that the representative of the European Assembly of ICT Professionals open this ceremony. The former president of CEPIS, Mr. Niko Schlamberger stressed his pleasure that, besides numerous chairmen of ICT associations from many European countries, he personally participated in the work of the Diskobolos jury for the third time, and a pleasure that many Western European countries attended Diskobolos, which makes it more prestigious recognition not only in the region but also in Europe.


World Economic Forum 2010
Improve the State of the World: Rethink, Redesign, Rebuild

40th World Economic Forum 2010 will take place in Davos, Switzerland on 27 - 31 January 2010 with the aim to find the best solutions for improving the state of the world.
Improving the state of the world requires catalyzing global cooperation to address pressing challenges and future risks. Global cooperation in turn needs stakeholders from business, government, the media, science, religion, the arts and civil society to collaborate as a true community. To this end, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting has engaged leaders from all walks of life to shape the global agenda at the start of the year for the last four decades.


Pearls of Gartner’s Meeting in Cannes

Gartner is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company that organizes a Symposium/ITxpo meetings all over the world, the largest and most important annual gathering of CIOs and their senior IT leaders where it delivers independent and objective content with the authority and weight of the world's leading organization and provides the access to high-tech solutions of the key technological suppliers.
In the early November in Cannes, this year’s Symposium/ITxpo gathered about 6,000 participants including 3,500 users of Gartner’s services from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Symposium was opened by the leading people at Gartner, Gene Hall and Peter Sondergaard.
The Symposium included various and important topics, such as cloud computing and its impact on economy, pattern-based business strategy, business intelligence, and connecting the business strategies and plans.

Léo Apotheker

SAP under Gartner’s scrutiny   

To this year's “Symposium/ITxpo 2009” held in Cannes on 2-5 November, Gartner brought Léo Apotheker, CEO SAP AG. It is our pleasure to pass you how they did, as we believe this would be interesting to many users of SAP solutions in Serbia.

Before talking to this distinguished guest, his hosts and his interlocutors, Vice President and distinguished analyst Yvonne Genovese and Vice President in Gartner Research Nigel Rayner, passed the questions asked by certain participants: Will SAP get together with a hardware vendor, like Oracle and Sun? Does SAP have green IT strategy? Isn’t it about time for SAP to change the old model of annual maintenance fee? What are SAP’s perspectives in cloud computing?


SMART Working Time Management

This year also, SPICA participated in the conference "Smart e-Government" as a Gold partner, and presented its system Time&Space® and SMART Working Time management, i.e. working time management in SMART way - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Rewarding, Timely. So, in order to manage working hours, working tasks must be clearly specified, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

Good working time management system includes functionalities such as Job Costing, Roster (Planner) and the latest Spica Workshops, Approval Workflow, planning days off and forwarding the absence requests to a sector electronically, i.e. to a person responsible for approving it. The immediate effects are much better working motivation, effective and objective recording of working hours, paying employees by the actual number of hours, realistic assessment of available and required human resources, as well as numerous data essential for working time management, i.e. working assignment management in SMART way.


SBS conquers FileNet

The latest news from SBS is that it now extends its long partnership with IBM to the field of content management in an enterprise by becoming its partner for FileNet. This is relatively new for us, or more precisely, something different, so we tried to prepare in appropriate way, told us Predrag Stojanovic, Sales Director at SBS.

"We have just gotten all necessary certificates which was an extensive effort. Our three experts, Ivan Petrovic, Marija Djordjevic and Pedja Kojoviæ received 14 necessary certificates. FileNet as a product, or better to say a group of products, is not an open package and to let a company become IBM's partner for that product and could offer it to anybody, it must meet this and many other criteria."


Evening  among friends

At the traditional annual celebration in mid December, MDS Informaticki inzenjering gathered its business partners, customers and friends, and hosted them in Konak kneginje Ljubice with chosen wines, gastronomic miniatures and dancing shows.
MDS Informaticki inzenjering is a company justifiably classified among the carriers of telecommunications infrastructure development. Experience with certificates of the world’s leading manufacturers of network equipment and numerous certified engineers are guarantee of quality in all areas of work.
Working as a team of highly motivated professionals, MDS provides its customers the highest quality solutions for telecommunications and information technologies.
MDS employs engineers with high level of knowledge and rich experience in design and implementation of computer networks. Numerous certificates confirm that, which are recognized by international institutions for defining standards in the field of ICT.

Smart@Government 2009

Electronic Identity and e-Government Services

Fifth international exhibition and conference "Smart@Government 2009" was held in late October in Belgrade. The exhibition was dedicated to electronic identity and e-government services according to initiative i2010 - by forming a unified information space of Europe.
The main theme of the conference was "High-Impact e-Government Services with pan-European Scope".
The meeting was organized by ASIT-Association for Computing, Informatics, Telecommunications and New Media of Serbia in cooperation with Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Society of the Republic of Serbia, National Bank and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

At the event, SMART ID cards, ICAO electronic passports, intelligent health cards, safe e-government portals, systems for electronic public procurement and modern and safe e-government networks were presented. Program also included the following topics: i2010, unique information space of e-Europe, distribution of digital goods and digital democracy, legal aspects and solutions in privacy protection, document management in e-administration and national systems for electronic voting.


Belgrade loves Fransh and Fransh loves Belgrade

Nikola Dimitrijevic, director and owner of a restaurant “Frans”, has become a new member of the European Chamber of Commerce. Certificate of quality and charter of EEIG, the European Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry in Brussels, was assigned by the Head of Sector of Control and Monitoring standards in facilities of social services and planning, Mr. Stevan Koen.
Located near the Cathedral of Saint Sava, the restaurant “Frans” has one of the most beautiful gardens in Belgrade, the best choice and the wide scope of wines in the country. Its every corner justifies its five-star reputation! It is situated in

Autokomanda, near the Veterinary University, and from the restaurant parking, you already enter the magical “Frans” world. They will help you park, escort to the entrance, hold the door, and always ready, numerous and very helpful staff will take it from there.


Optimize your Business Processes

What should be done to overcome the existing economic crisis, how to do business and how to orient, what will the market recovery look like and what will bring it, are just some of the questions that we asked Dragan Stokic, Head of Siemens IT Solutions and Services as part of Siemens d.o.o. Beograd in our effort to get a better insight into future IT developments in Serbia. The company is headed by domestic one, but also led from abroad, which probably brings different understanding of the crisis compared to strictly domestic companies.
How is your company fighting the crisis?
Siemens is a big international company, and someone might think that our situation is comfortable, because we have plenty of our products, which we just need to place on the market and to find the best way to do it. On the contrary, Siemens IT Solutions and Services provides IT services; we sell only our services and our knowledge because we do not practically have our own product, neither hardware nor software. We actually integrate various products of other major world manufacturers of hardware and software.

Public Enterprise PTT "Serbia"

Contract on Construction of the Main Postal Center Belgrade Signed

The contract between the Public Enterprise PTT "Serbia" and company "Masinoprojekt Kopring a.d" on making technical documentation for the construction of the Main postal center (MPC) Belgrade, worth 14 million dinars, on 20 November was signed by Goran Ciric, Director General of Post Serbia and Radomir Lalic, Director General of “Masinoprojekt kopring."
Goran Ciric said that the construction of MPC Belgrade located on the Belgrade-Novi Sad highway at the end of Ugrinovaèka street in Zemun, will start in 2010 and construction work is planned to last one year. By automation of processing, Serbian Post will cut deadlines for shipments, will raise the quality of services and significantly improve the working conditions of employees MPC, he said and added that the estimated project cost was about 60 million euros but separating the construction project of the technological process, this amount decreased to 38 million euros.


SAP WB: We are expecting a slight growth

Everybody is struggling to overcome the crisis and start the next year ready. What was the fight like, how do they see the immediate future, what are they planning and expecting and what can they recommend to their clients or others? SAP West Balkans CEO, Vladimir Popovic, answered these questions. The question imposing itself was the excellent introduction:
What is done after you came at the head of the local SAP office in May this year?
I took the management over on 4 May, in a tough year, and our first job was to somehow get through. Since this year is ending, I can say that we have succeeded despite all the difficulties that were not small. We have fulfilled the basic expectations. We mainly ended short-term jobs, and were oriented to our current customers and those sectors that were more resilient to the crisis - the energy sector, pharmacy, food production - what SAP was doing on a global scale.


20th Anniversary of CEPIS - Council of European Professional Informatics Societies

CEPIS, the leading European ICT non-governmental organization and the main partner of the European Commission for majority of IT issues particularly regarding implementation of information education, officially celebrated its first 20th anniversary. Such jubilees are always an opportunity to summarize the results and give respect to everyone who contributed to CEPIS build its position in society, Europe and the world.

Since founded in 1989 in Paris, as Council of European Professional Informatics Societies of European countries, CEPIS won a dominant role in life and work of the European Union. Later impact from Finland with a CDL program, Computer Driving License, gets a new dimension and forms unified European standards of IT education with label ECDL, European Computer Driving License, at the EU level, but soon after, under the auspices of UNESCO, this standard becomes the world one called ICDL, International Computer Driving License.


Let’s Turn to Developing Countries

Our sixth edition is dedicated to the immediate future. Besides announcing Economic Forum in Davos, we offer you visions of leaders of domestic and foreign ICT companies of the future. We know that Gartner expects a slight growth of the IT world economy over the next two years. Any idea how to overcome the crisis is so welcome. One very interesting one was presented by CEO of a domestic company Vlatacom, Vladimir Cizelj.
Vlatacom Company has been engaged in information-communication and biometric technologies and working abroad. Due to it and rich experience they realized that they should show the business potential led by their own example that has been in the shadow of European integration lately. These are markets in developing countries. Therefore, we first asked Mr. Cizelj:
Why should we turn to developing countries rather than those developed ones?


IT Star Declaration

We, the participants of the IT STAR Workshop on ICT Skills, Education and Certification: the Multistakeholder Partnership held on 27–28 November 2009 in Rome, Italy, Appreciating IT STAR’s role in providing a forum for an open exchange of views and partnership and thanking AICA for the provided organizational support,
Identifying with the mission of specialized bodies of the EU, national authorities, and a large number of stakeholders from academia and industry, professional non-governmental organizations and social partners in promoting ICT literacy and professionalism, Recognizing that the EU programs and initiatives in the ICT field are of primary importance to the countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe and indeed to all EU member states, Have agreed to the following:

ICT concepts, tools and methodologies are similar across all sectors and all over the world. As a matter of fact, the ICT domain is more mature than others in the definition of competence standards…


Cisco Mesh Wireless Network for the city needs

Based on the experience of mayor developed cities around the world which use public wireless networks to give its citizens access to the new and improved network services, Konsing group, in corporation with the local Cisco office, has temporarily installed Cisco Wireless Mesh network which consists from 10 access points. The system has been tested in urban environment and has successfully shown the advantages of this technology for improving the network infrastructure in the city area.
Cisco Mesh type of wireless networks can be used to satisfy the needs of local municipalities as well as city and government agencies which have the primary goal to issue new assignments, information and tasks to their employees on the field instead of forcing them back to the central so they can be given new tasks. Cisco mesh technology can also be used for the need of public safety (police, fire service, emergency medical centers, airports, etc.). This way, it is now possible to have mobile access to the services these agencies use for their successful operation (access to the suspect’s personal information, video surveillance, access to the building plans in case of fire and many more)


Beyond Payment

Ingenico is French Company founded in 1980 in Paris. Today Ingenico is world wide leader with more than 35% shares in electronic transactions and secure payments market. Currently Ingenico is present in 125 countries with 40 offices around the world, 2500 employees, installed base of more than 15 million EFT POS terminals and Pro forma revenue of 780 Millions of Euros in 2009. Ingenico mission is to provide leadership and shape the future direction of the global payment solutions market. Ingenico Representative Office in Belgrade is responsible for South Eastern Europe market consisted of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia with more than 15 local partners. Ingenico provides secure electronic transaction solutions dedicated to local markets based on its long-standing presence strengthened by local partners’ expertise. Our offer includes comprehensive range of EFT POS with entry level to high-end devices.



Furniture manufacturer with the European sign

Furniture factory “Numanovic” in Novi Pazar was founded two decades ago and today is the first Serbian manufacturer of upholstered furniture with EuSS - European Service Standard certificate of EEIG - European Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry in Brussels.
Manufacturing plant in Novi Pazar is located on 10,000 square meters with the most modern CNC machines for production and woodworking of the Italian manufacturer "CNC BIESSE”. There is also a drying plant with capacity of 120m3, a warehouse for a wide range of patterns from environmental to other quality raw materials, and raw materials in 5000m2 of warehouse space. Since this factory has been following the latest technology, a new branch of producing wire cores and yogi mattresses was introduced.


18 Years of  successful  business of Crony
In passing ...

Crony Company, recently celebrated an important anniversary - 18 years of successful work. Every anniversary is a nice opportunity to look back, to do analysis of the committed, and to make plans for the future. Founded in the now ancient 18th November 1991. and began as an agent of several reputable manufacturers in telecommunications, such as Racal Instruments, Fujikura, Nettest, Hellermann and ADC as well as large distribution companies RS Components. Today Crony has exclusive representation contracts with more than twenty leading manufacturers of optical telecommunications, mobile telecommunications and cable distribution systems. In addition, Crony has developed business relations with many other manufacturers of telecommunications and measuring equipment, measuring and other accessories, tools and electronic components. "For the past 18 years the company grew, developed, advanced, overcome all "children's diseases", and is now taught as a formal "adult", with youthful enthusiasm and elan, ready to welcome new and even greater challenges. The results make us proud, but also represent a large commitment to continue even stronger in the rhythm."


Economist Conferences

Time for a fresh start

Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Boyko Borissov, opened the Eight Business Round Table on 8 December 2009 in Sofia. Together with the Ministries he answered the attendees’ questions. Boyko Borissov assumed office as prime minister in July 2009 after his party, Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, had won the parliamentary elections held earlier that month. The priorities of his government include modernizing the economy, reforming the judicial system, and fighting corruption and organized crime.

The Conference, organized by the London Economist Conferences, a division of the Economist Intelligence Unit, was sponsored by ING Wholesale Banking Bulgaria and Mobitel Bulgaria that recognized the importance of the issues to be discussed with new Bulgarian Prime Minister Mr. Boyko Borissov and several ministers from His cabinet.



You Must Have Your Own Product

We decided to write several articles on the same topic in this edition - what to do to overcome the crisis (if one is in a crisis) and how to proceed next year. What message could be sent to active players in our IT market? The answer to this and several other questions, we found from Borisav Bojkovic, Geneko CEO.
Your company has been participating in Cebit for five years in order to break into new markets, European or some other. What could you recommend to the others? Where to operate and go, whether to only orient to domestic market or to go to international ones, and if they did so, should they go west, east or south?
Information field can always be divided into several segments. Next year, we will celebrate twenty years of dealing with some business parts in segment of information and communication, and it seems to me that we can observe all its aspects.



Mobile Radio Systems and Environmental Protection

17th Telecommunications forum TELFOR 2009 took place from 24 to 26 November 2009 in Belgrade. Its main topic was “Mobile radio systems and environmental protection". TELFOR is a professional meeting of experts, telecommunications engineers, economists, jurists, managers, operators and those working in the broad field of telecommunications. It is also a forum in which all relevant aspects of Telecommunications and IT are discussed: subjects of technical nature, development policy, regulatory and economics matters, education, equipment production, services and operation of systems.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Dr. Djordje Paunovic and Professor Dr. Aleksandar Marincic gave their keynotes on behalf of the Steering and Program Committee. Jasna Matic, Minister for Telecommunications and Information Society, also addressed the participants and numerous guests. She announced that the draft law on electronic communications is to be sent to the Serbian Government for consideration.



TeleGroup Contributed to Promotion of IP Centrex

 Every year TeleGroup prepares in a special way for Telfor, telecommunication forum which gathers numerous domestic and international companies, and thousands of visitors who attend the lectures and exhibitors’ stands. This year’s appearance at 17th Telflor, TeleGroup complied with Telekom Serbia. The reason was Telecom’s service IP Centrex and TeleGroup contributes to its functioning by equipment produced by its longtime partners, companies AudioCodes and Media5. Besides the equipment for connecting IP Centrex users, TeleGroup presented Open IPTV and broadband Internet.
IP Centrex is a service designed for business users, which includes connecting multiple phone connections at one or more user’s locations into a single telephone network with a wide set of individual and group services. It provides functionality of a virtual private telephone exchange, fully implemented on the server groups within the telecommunications network of Telekom Serbia, local and international phone calls, as well as the use of additional telephone services.


Infoarena Grupa

First Regional SEE Conference Financial Arena 2009 Held

In Zagreb at the end of November, the first regional conference SEE Financial Arena 2009 was held, organized by Infoarena Group with the support of the main media partner - business.hr, educational partners - Zagreb School of Economics and Management, and Cotrugli Business School, media sponsors: magazine for business communications InfoReview, My Job, ISI Emerging Markets, Insurance and Infotrend and sponsors - Raiffeisenbank Croatia.

Leading experts from the EU, Croatia and the region presented numerous topics extremely important for the financial industry, including scenarios of development of financial industry, new standards in risk management (Basel III), new accounting standards, news in the area of money laundering, changes in the payment system, etc.



JobFair 09 – Create Your Future!

Fifth jubilee Job Fair for students and graduates of technical-technological faculties "JobFair 09 - Create your future!" was held in early November at the Technical Faculty.  Guests were welcomed by Minister of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Serbia Snezana Samardzic-Markovic, who said: "This is a good example of an active approach and participation of the young in solving problems and therefore Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic Serbian supported this fair financially as a project that contributes to achieving the objectives of the National Strategy for Youth.” At the opening, the Rector of the University of Belgrade, Branko Kovacevic, gave a short speech and opened this year's Job Fair saying "I am glad to see young people in front of me doing what they like, but I am even more glade to see the same people making money by doing what they like".


IT Globe 2009

IT Globe 2009 Awarded

In the Conference Hall of Assembly of the City of Belgrade on 2 December 2009, IT Globe 2009 awarding ceremony took place, assigned by the magazine Micro PC-Word for outstanding achievements in the fields of IT, computing and telecommunications.
Recognition in the field of IT education was assigned to JISA – Union of ICT Societies Serbia for successful implementation of ECDL program. While receiving the award, Mr. Djordje Dukic, President of this Society, said: "The fact is that Serbia has the least diplomas when it comes to IT certification per capita, but those who award such prizes apparently noticed all the efforts we have made in recent years together with representatives of major ministries and biggest companies in the country, which significantly decreased the existing gap and enabled reaching the level of other countries in the region." On this success, HRH Crown Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic congratulated Mr. Dukic.



A Short Overview of Telecom Market in the Republic of Serbia in 2008

Pursuant to Articles 9 and 10 of the Telecommunications Law, the Republic Telecommunication Agency is authorized to prevent anticompetitive practices of the public telecommunications operators in the market, provided they are not subject of the procedure of the competition authority. The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society set out in the Action Plan pertinent to the Strategy for the Development of Telecommunications in the Republic of Serbia in the Period from 2006 until 2010, for the markets within the telecommunications sector to be defined and analysed during 2009 [2,3].
Based upon the internationally accepted guidelines and the national regulatory framework, the Agency developed a methodology that will be applied to the following markets: Fixed telephony, Mobile telephony, Interconnection, Leased lines, Internet, Radio and television programme distribution.The first step in the analysis is to define the relevant markets both in terms of production and geography, some of which will subsequently be further divided into wholesale and retail markets.


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shaping the future of Europe

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the Republic of Serbia in 2008