JISA INFOREVIEW magazine in 2009.

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From content 4/09 we highlight:

An Interview with Bozidar Djelic

Towards the World Economic Forum

An Interview with Bozidar Djelic, Vice-president of Government og the Republic of Serbia for European integrations and Minister of Science and Technological Development

The World Economic Forum (DAVOS) nominated you for a young world leader for the period since 2005 to 2010. How obliged are you by this nomination and what does it mean to you in presenting at the future conferences of the World Economic Forum?

I have to admit that this nomination is a great honor, for me but also for Serbia. At the same time, it carries great responsibility, as it enables me to present my country in the best way through regular participation in the work of this very elite group. My idea is to involve as many of our experts and businessmen possible in this forum every year.


World Economic Forum - "Summer Davos" in Asia
The World Economic Forum called “Summer Davos” this year will take place in the Chinese city of Dalian on 10-12 September. The previous Forum was held in January this year in the Swiss winter center of Davos and, under the shadow of the global crisis, was dedicated to shaping the world after it. The new, Summer Forum in Dalian is thematically clearly focused on the role of innovation, science and technology in overcoming the current economic and financial crisis.

The World Economic Forum, incorporated as a Swiss not-for-profit foundation, is an independent, international organization whose motto is “entrepreneurship in the global public interest” and a belief that economic progress without social development is not sustainable, while social development without economic progress is not feasible.

To improve the state of the world, WEF has engaged world leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Over the course of its 38-year history, the World Economic Forum has achieved a proud record of accomplishments in advancing progress on key issues of global concern.


IBM XIV Storage System

To sell and implement its new and revolutionary XIV Storage System, IBM selected completely new and different sales channel instead of standard one.

  • XIV Storage could be sold by only one Business Partner per country
  • Business Partner has to pass rigorous training tests before being authorised to sell the XIV System
  • Business partner must have its own XIV Storage System

SBS is one of few IBM Business partners in Eastern Europe that was authorised to sell XIV Storage Systems, which enables our market to get this by all accounts revolutionary system. The IBM XIV Storage System is a next-generation high-end open disk storage system. An integral part of IBM’s broad spectrum of system storage and SAN offerings, the XIV system is based on a grid of standard, off-the-shelf hardware components connected in any-to-any topology by means of massively paralleled, non-blocking Gigabit Ethernet. Its innovative architecture is designed to deliver the highest levels of reliability, performance, scalability and functionality at low overall cost, while providing unprecedented ease of management.


Mirko Cvetkovic, Prime Minister of the Government of Serbia

Government to suggest complete public administration reform to IMF

Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic said in an interview with the daily Blic that the government will suggest a complete public sector reform at the forthcoming talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The government’s official website brings excerpts from the interview:

On the forthcoming talks with the IMF:

We will not suggest the increase on VAT or introduction of additional taxes on salaries. We will start from our own yard, which means an overall reform of public administration and public sector. Public servants will no longer be privileged to other citizens and they will not be able to purchase state apartments at prices below market prices. In the session today, the government will not adopt any platform.


eGovernments of the European Countries chose ECDL

In Prague on June 17 and 18 2009, 52nd Meeting of Directors General of Public Administration took place within the EUPAN network (European network for public administration).
EUPAN is an informal network of the Directors General responsible for Public Administration in the Member States of the European Union, the European Commission and observer countries. It is managed by the Ministries in charge of the public administration. This network is organized on three levels: political, management and technical.
Its goals are to improve the performance, competitiveness and quality of European public administrations by developing new tools and methods based on the exchange of views, experiences and good practices among EU Member States, the European Commission and observer countries, in the field of central public administration.
Supporting the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy, placing the citizen at the centre of public management by working in different areas (human resources, innovation, quality, eGovernment) and increasing the efficiency of public administration are the reasons EUPAN group has been founded.


OneAccess - SIP Trunking

As the leading company in the field of communication engineering, MDS Informaticki Inzenjering, has been operating successfully in the local market for years due to meeting the needs of end users in an efficient manner, and the establishment of partnership relations with the leading communication engineering companies.

In this edition of InfoReview, MDS will present the OneAccess company together with its solutions for Gateway-to-Gateway SIP trunking and SIP trunking in VOIP networks.

About the Company OneAccess

OneAccess products are intended for telecommunication operators who want to supply their customers with products customized according to their needs and thus gain advantage over the competition. The company was founded in 2001 as a manufacturer of both multiservice access routers and access layer network equipment.

OneAccess business success is a result of its focus on requirements of telecom service providers while developing new products.

OneAccess product range is made so to provide high quality of data and voice transfer services, with a high level of security, reliability and integration in infrastructure.

Cannes Lions Festival

56th International Advertising Festival Cannes Lions 2009 Held

“The good newspapers are those in which in half an hour, you will find what you will need three to five hours for on the Internet”

56th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, held in Cannes from 21 to 27 June 2009, is the world's only truly global meeting place for professionals in the communications industry who want to keep ahead of the curve. Inspired by the International Film Festival, which had been staged in Cannes since the late 1940s, a group of worldwide cinema screen advertising contractors felt that the makers of advertising films should receive similar recognition as their colleagues in the feature film industry. Therefore, the first Festival took place in Venice in September 1954 with 187 film entries from 14 countries competing, while the second Festival was held in Monte Carlo and the next one in Cannes in 1956.

Awards and Recognitions

Cannes Lions 2009 Grand Prix Awards and Recognitions

At the first Awarding Ceremony, the winners of the Promo, PR and Direct Lions categories were announced.
After selecting a shortlist of 143 from the 1,118 entries submitted in the Promo Lions categories, a total of 44 winners were chosen by the international jury. The Promo Grand Prix went to Beacon Communications in Tokyo for their entry ‘Yubari’ to promote the Yubari Resort. A further 10 gold, 9 silver, 24 bronze lions were also awarded.
Cumminsnitro in Brisbane, were the winners of the inaugural PR Grand Prix for Tourism Queensland’s ‘Best Job in the World’. ‘Best Job in the World’ was also awarded the Direct Grand Prix making this Cumminsnitro’s second Grand Prix of the night.

Leading the Promo Jury was William Rosen, President and Chief Creative Officer of Arc Worldwide, North America. Lord Tim Bell, Chairman of Chime Communications was president of the first PR Jury and David Sable, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Wunderman headed up the Direct Jury.


Towards the Third Regional ECDL Conference

The entire life of companies, thus both societies and individuals, depend on computer skills:  business success, versatility, information comprehending, finding solution… in one word, the digital world becomes not only our living condition, but also the ongoing commitment of additional learning.

The European Union, with its concept ECDL - European Computer Driving License, has set a standard of unified minimum knowledge required for employment in government, economic and non-economic institutions, and all educational institutions have included the ECDL segments in their educational programs. At recently held 52nd conference of general directors of public administration of the European countries in Prague, once again ECDL standard was emphasized as a measure of digital literacy and basis for promoting EUPAN - European Public Administration Network. President of the European Commission, Mr. Barroso, in February this year, officially received ECDL index in order to take exams himself and with his personal example, show the determination of European attitudes and the necessity of information literacy at all levels of work, from lowest to highest.


Findings of a Study Carried out by CEPIS, the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research and Eurochambres

ICT industry must present positive image

As Europe moves towards becoming a knowledge economy, member states and employers must ensure that the ICT industry is attractive to graduates. Too often there is a “boom or bust” notion of ICT and this can either attract too many people to the industry or discourage people from pursuing such careers. These are the findings of a study carried out by a consortium composed of CEPIS, the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (formerly PREST) and Eurochambres.

Research shows that by 2010 we may be facing a future with a potential annual shortfall of 70,000 skilled ICT practitioners across the EU. State policymakers and the ICT industry must work together to attract people to ICT courses and subsequent professional careers.


Siemens Solution for Pharmacy

With Mr. Dejan Damjanovic, Head of business unit for industry, energy and healthcare in the sector of Siemens IT Solutions and Services within Siemens d.o.o. Beograd, we discussed the process, discreet and automotive industry and transportation (postal, air and railway), or production and distribution of electricity, gas and oil. Due to the profusion of this topic, we were interested in one aspect of which Siemens will now present for the first time in Serbia - its own solution for pharmaceutical industry.

What makes the basis of Siemens solution for pharmaceutical industry?

The solution itself has two levels – business process definition level and concept implementation level in information system. Such an approach significantly differs from the way we have implemented business solutions so far. Namely, the user already at the beginning of the project gets described business processes that that are starting points while implementing solutions, and through analyzing differences between the proposed and existing processes, an optimal solution is reached.


European Association of Healthcare IT Managers

The European Association of Healthcare IT Managers (HITM) is a non-profit organization outlined as the pan-European umbrella association of all relevant national healthcare IT associations in Europe. Believing in the fundamental importance of unifying healthcare IT professionals at European and global levels, HITM is committed to increasing the professional authority and responsibility of healthcare IT managers and representing their interests to international institutions and associations.
With membership in HITM steadily growing, the first annual General Assembly was held in November 2008. HITM is strategically based in Brussels for easy access to the European institutions and associations. European institutions and healthcare organizations are putting a great deal of effort into the emerging field of healthcare IT that is gaining in importance on a worldwide scale. Healthcare IT has an annual forecast growth rate of 9%; the highest growth will be within the next six years, thus the time for influencing and facilitating that growth is now. One of the key factors in this field is that IT reduces cost! Consequently, the set-up of the HITM was a vital step to achieve this most important goal.

Dr Sasa Dragin, Minister of Agriculture

Serbian Agriculture and Challenges Ahead

Serbian agriculture represents a sector in economy that, by many standards, exceeds the boundaries of just one sector in the total economy on which a unified approach may be applied. It is a sector that has a great economic power, employs majority of the country’s workforce, forms a backbone of the rural economy and acts as a promoter of the rural area development, and at the same time stands as a guardian of the environment. This is the only sector in Serbia that shows positive foreign trade balance, records constant growth and stands out as a field where all contemporary production technologies have been applied.

However, despite the obvious potential, this sector bears a huge burden of economic, social and political nature. Due to its character, it demands a sophisticated approach with carefully designed and efficiently applied government measures in order to turn the weaknesses of Serbian agriculture into its advantages.

Intensifying small agricultural holdings and improvement of production, increase of yield, modernisation of production processes, alignment of the technology and production standards with international, are done with the aim to create a profitable branch of economy, prepared to compete on both international and domestic markets.



For six years now, the company TeleGroup has been actively present in the field of development and implementation of services based on VoIP technologies and has been dealing with presentation and test-installations of system solutions. Following the market trends in the region and the clients’ needs, TeleGroup has analyzed solutions in the world market, and testing in the local network and with network operators, it has customized those solutions according to the local market.
The world market solutions are, among others, largely based on the solutions of the Israel Company AudioCodes as a leader in the development of VoIP technologies.
Cooperation with this vendor started in early 2004 as a result of the business curiosity of the company TeleGroup to technologically step forward towards VoIP technologies and to promote itself in the telecom market of the Western Balkans, which is evidently moving in that direction. Over the years of cooperation, numerous successful direct representations of VoIP technologies have been made, both at the professional conferences and fairs, and through pre-defined testing of this equipment in particular surrounding.


NPS Belgrade Awarded Prestige Recognition “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner of the Year 2009“

Global Microsoft partner conference, Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference – WPC, is the biggest annual event intended for Microsoft partners, the best opportunity for meeting the partners from all meridians, experience exchange and meeting new solutions and technologies, but it is also a place where Microsoft awards annual prizes for the most innovative and successful solutions of its partners. From this year’s conference (WPC09) held in the American town New Orleans in mid July, the representatives of NPS, a renowned Belgrade IT-consulting company,  returned with the prestige recognition “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner of the Year 2009“.  The recognition was awarded for the CEE region (Central & Eastern Europe) in the competition of 57,000 Microsoft partners. The success of NPS is even greater if having in mind that NPS Ljubljana, another company from NPS group, at the same awarding ceremony second time in a row, was garlanded award "Business Intelligence Partner of the Year 2009", and that this year only two Microsoft partners from the CEE region won two awards each.



Connecting remote systems over GSM network

The company Geneko is primarily known by its own production of the most modern systems in the field of telecommunications. After initial successfully implemented GPRS terminal project, applied in many fields, especially in fiscal one, Geneko decided to venture by implementing its own GSM router. GWR is a series of routers that supports a network of the second and third mobile telephony generations (2G and 3G), relying on modern technologies GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/HSUPA. Testing of the models of GWR routers that will support 3.5 G networks is currently in its final stage, so this product keeps pace with local mobile operates, and maybe even goes one step ahead. Routers from the GWR series are designed for implementation of TCP/IP connections through a mobile telephony network and are primarily used when there are no other Internet or corporate Intranet connections. Such situations are common when it comes to mobile offices, remote objects, inaccessible terrain, or when it is necessary to realize the temporary connection, and move it later to another location.

Interview with Snezana Samardzic-Markovic

Young People Approaching the Values of the European Union

Long-term goal of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Department for Youth, is to improve the status and life quality of young people, while education is also among the activities of the sector, so as informal education of the young to ease the employment as well as international cooperation and active role in international organizations. Do you think that education should be by European standards, now when our country is getting closer to the European Union and when we promote the European way?

In the European integration process and Serbia’s approaching to the European standards, the Ministry of Youth and Sports is taking numerous measures and activities aimed towards young people getting close to the EU values, giving them a chance to meet the European culture, exchange knowledge and experiences through formal and informal education, voluntary and educational exchanges, participation in the various seminars, conferences, the Council of Europe bodies, etc.


The Medal Winners

The Minister of Youth and Sports with the Medal Winners

Minister of Youth and Sports and President of Fund for Young Talents Snezana Samardzic-Markovic met with the medal winners at the Olympic Games in mathematics and physics which were held this year in Germany and Mexico.

The Minister thanked the competitors for presenting their country to the world in the most beautiful way and recalled that the Ministry has been recognizing their potential and thus awarding them through Fund for Young Talents.

Since its foundation, Fund for Young Talents has been endeavouring to recognize and reward achievements of secondary school and university students. So the young mathematicians and physicists, winners of this year's Olympic medals in Mexico and Germany, have been stimulated to further development in the field of education and financed in the total amount of 3,720,000 dinars.


Unique Solution “All-in-One” by Telsey CEE and MSONA

Telsey CEE and its partner MSONA are introducing a new unique solution to the CEE market. At the time of economical downturn two partners are presenting solution that radically reduces costs to the enterprises. It replaces a router, switch, PBX, WEB server, email server and simplifies maintenance to few mouse clicks.

A New Range of ICT Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
All-in-One Business Convergence

To succeed as a small or medium-sized enterprise, customer satisfaction and employee productivity must be kept high while minimizing capital and operational costs. Dynamic communications and enterprise applications that help strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and employees, increase collaboration everywhere, improve performance and reduce costs, are at the core of SMEs’ competitive advantage.


Marijana Vidas-Bubanja

National Convent on the European Union in Serbia in 2008/2009 from the Aspect of Working Group for Information Society and Education

National Convent on the European Union in Serbia (NK EU) aims to establish institutional, thematic structure debate between the state and NGO sector, administration, local government, politicians, professionals, businessmen, non-governmental organizations and the general public, about the preparations for Serbia joining the EU. The overall objective of the project is strengthening the capacity of Serbia’s integration process and establishing the forum for permanent and public debate on the European future of Serbia, which has also included some regions in Serbia. This Convent works on partnership principle between state sector, i.e. institutions directly involved in negotiation process, and non-government organizations, politic parties, academic public, economists, the young, media and general public.

European Movement in Serbia executes the project in cooperation with partners: Slovakia Association of Foreign Policy (SFPA) and European Movement’s Regional Councils in Nis, Novi Pazar and Zrenjanin. The project’s associate is National Assembly of the republic of Serbia. The work of NC EU is consistently presented on website www.eukonvent.org. The project NCEU is financed by the EU through the Fund for European Integrations, a program managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction and implemented by Press Now.


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