JISA INFOREVIEW magazine in 2009.

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From content 1/09 we highlight:

European Chamber of Commerce

We have been given the place in European Chamber of Commerce!

At the beginning of this business year of European Chamber of Commerce in Brussels , Mr. Djordje Dukic, President of JISA and Editorial Board of our magazine InfoReview, was elected for President of Central Office for business communication and marketing. It is a great recognition not only to hard work of our editorial office, but the overall activities of JISA, as well as contemporary foreign policy of Serbia. This was the reason to talk to newly elected president and dedicate a part of our pages to the European Chamber of Commerce, certifications, business communications and international cooperation.


President of European Commission received nine millionth ECDL Skills Card

President Barroso received nine millionth ECDL Skills Card to highlight the importance of digital literacy for employability and sustainable economic growth.
Brussels, 12th February 2009: José Manuel Barroso, President of European Commission received the 9 millionth ECDL Skills Card at a ceremony highlighting both the success of the ECDL programme and the necessity of keeping investment in digital skills high on the public policy agendas of all Member States in order to increase employability and build a competitive European economy


The first session of a working group for Information Society and Education: Implementation of eSEE Agenda+ as a tool for development of information society in Serbia within the stabilization and association process to EU.
The introductory speakers were:
Marijana Vidas Bubanja – Regional cooperation in the development of information society;
Nebojša Vasiljević, Assistant Minister for Information Society – Action plan for realization of obligations from eSEE Agenda+ and National strategy for development of information society;
Marija Kujačić, Republic Institute for IT and Internet – eSEE Initiative – New activities and action plan of eGovernment center;
Milenko Ostojić, RATEL – European legal framework for electronic communications – regulations of the market (bSEE Initiative).


Service above everything

We have visited Zajednički informacioni system (Common Information Center), known as ZIS, since we heard that they have ideal systems based on IBM equipment of topmost category, and not more than that. The first contacts with its representatives we had almost two years ago, when we were told to wait a while, so that that they would finish some additional tasks because they just did not want us to meet them unprepared. Our invitation for interview has been finally accepted and at the beginning of February, we talked to two interlocutors – Tibor Strajh, Head of IT and Support Department and Milan Pavlović, Project planner for IT Infrastructure. The first questions were directed to the Head of IT and Support Department.

End-To-End Web Security

Protecting Users and Servers against the Web Threats

Times when you could be infected by the virus or worm simply by clicking the link in the e-mail or a document attached to the message, are long gone. Today, malicious contents (malware) can be downloaded while visiting Web sites, and not only suspicious, but also the legal ones that previously suffered infection by malicious contents of the attacker.

Infection by malware vary from posting messages, pictures, or sensitive information on the Web site, through setting the code that will be spread through the site and that will, after it is found on the user's computer, collect sensitive information types of credit card numbers and bank account information. By transferring the malicious code, the infected computers group together and become parts of the network controlled by the attacker.


Protocol signed between Post Office of Serbia and Tax Administration

Director General of Public Enterprise PTT Traffic "Serbia", Goran Ćirić, and Director of Tax Administration of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, Dragutin Radosavljević, signed the protocol on cooperation on 6 February 2009. Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Milan Marković, and Assistant Minister for Telecommunications and Information Society, Mr. Nebojša Vasiljević, also attended the signing of the agreement.



Success does not just happen- success is planned carefully!

Fire. Earthquakes. Floods. Strong winds. Loss of power or essential services .Terrorism. Hackers.
Disasters mean many things to many people What is common is the impact that a disaster can have.
Loss of revenue. Customer loss. Data loss. Loss of compliance. Loss of your business.
.Which expectations do you and your customers have regarding the availability and ability of recovery after disasters?
What needs to be protected? How do you develop a comprehensive plan? How can you prove that it works?
Gartner Inc. estimates that 40% of the companies stop working after some of disasters in the following year. Companies can improve this ratio, but only if they take the necessary steps before and after a disaster.
We cannot prevent a disaster, but we can help you meet and overcome it ready.

SEFICT and JISA Congress 2009

InfoReview, as a magazine of European Chamber of Commerce and a general media partner, will organize for the first time this year
One-to-one meetings at SEFICT and JISA Congress 2009
Take advantage of making the pre-arranged meetings on our gatherings, and that way put your efficiency on even higher level. Over time, almost all major organizations and companies in the region have been participating in these manifestations.


FSC Serbia won annual NetApp award for technical expertise

Fujitsu Siemens Computers is recognized as a leading partner in expertise and contribution to the NetApp business in the EMEA region.
Fujitsu Siemens Computers has won several annual prizes that NetApp - as one of the global leaders in storage and data management - awards its partners in EMEA region. On “NetApp Insight” conference, held in late November, three out of total eighteen prizes were awarded to Fujitsu Siemens Computers engineers from Serbia, France and Germany – specialists in data storage systems.
NetApp annual prizes are being awarded for particularly innovative solution design, excellence in support, knowledge and expertise, dedication and commitment to NetApp and businesses in EMEA region.


CEED Office in Belgrade opened

CEED is a legacy institution of USAID and SEAF, born out of USAID grant funding in SME equity investments made by SEAF throughout the Balkans, and EBRD in Slovenia.
With nearly 20 years of experience in SME investing, 200 SME investments and 300 technical assistance interventions in frontier and emerging market SMEs, SEAF is acutely aware of the challenges faced daily by entrepreneurs in the management of their businesses. USAID is equally aware of these challenges having participated in SEAF Equity Funds as well as Enterprise Funds throughout the region.
CEED is also funded by the Dutch FMO and has support from the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Serbia.


A bit of SAP, a big step forward

In many countries, a very significant percentage of small and medium enterprises participate in economic activities in, which is lately true for not only Serbia, but also for other countries in the region. Therefore, it is no wonder all the large producers of software for business process management treat them with due diligence, rather they are their potential customers, who are numerous. SAP and its local company, which is in charge of the Western Balkans region, are getting more active in animation this economic segment, and do most of the business exactly with small and medium enterprises. That our impression does not deceive, the talk with Srđan Gligorić, Sales Manager in the company SAP West Balkans Ltd confirmed. Here is what we have learnt.


Internet Telekom Serbia – The Right Thing  for Your Business

Modern business environment is getting more demanding and dynamic. The key for improving business and achieving success, substantially, lies in the continued use of the latest technologies. Therefore, business relied on numerous advantages of using the Internet, today is almost unthinkable.
In order to improve and facilitate the business of their users, owners of small and medium enterprises, the company Telekom Serbia has developed a complete Internet solution that provides everything necessary for the swift functioning of business. New, comprehensive Internet packages are created, designed to provide all the tools that are necessary for efficient operations in one place.


TeleGroup – leader on the Serbian telecommunications market

Interview with Diana Gligorijević
Telegroup is one of the leaders on the Serbian telecommunications market. In its portfolio, there are numerous references on projects for telecom operators and it cooperates with the world’s biggest telecommunication equipment vendors.
Telegroup offers solutions for small and medium enterprises, and even individuals to work at home (SOHO solutions).
While talking to Marketing Director, Mrs. Diana Gligorijević, we tried to learn the offer concepts to SMB market and the way they see the end user at the time of the world level crisis.


power plants fired by biomass

Energy today

Today energy is nightmare and great challenge for mankind. Energy needs are increasing and number of sources is decreasing. The lack of energy threatens to slow down the entire progress. Energy costs for heating and technology increasingly participate in total company expenses and lead many companies to bankrupt.

Renewable energy sources 

Biomass is one of the renewable energy sources and it renovates every year like straw, corn waste, sunflower hulls, wood waste and other agriculture waste. Also very interesting are renewable but not clean fuels like communal waste, garbage, animal refuses and other industrial waste.
Story about other types of renewable resources like solar, wind, hydro energy as well as geothermal sources are very important but biomass burning and getting the energy has the largest potency in relation to other renewable resources.


Realization of ECDL training and certification in the Assembly and Executive Council of AP Vojvodina
Within the realization of the Action Plan from adopted Decision on Reform Strategy and the development of provincial administration ("Official Gazette of APV", number 14/06), realization of the project "ECDL training and certification of provincial officials of Assembly and the Executive Council of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina" started. In this way, provincial officials will get the proof of computer literacy, necessary for the fulfilling the conditions of their jobs.
The Service for general and common tasks of the provincial authorities has become an authorized testing center.
ECDL training and certification is one of the programs of permanent education in order to acquire basic or new knowledge, then improving the acquired knowledge in the field of information technology. The aim is to increase the level of provincial officials’ knowledge in the field of informatics and technical support of eGovernment system that is being implemented. The results of this project will provide efficiency in the realization of all other projects in the strategy of eGovernment and programs of eVojvodina.
ECDL project started in October 2008 and the training and certification of 852 provincial officials in the three phases are planned. The first phase is completed and 170 provincial officials got ECDL indexes.


2G/3G routers - communication with no limits

Since there is an increasing demand for connecting various devices into IP networks, and the infrastructure is missing, networks for remote locations through mobile telecommunication of the second and third generation is in constant growth in Serbia, with 2G/3G routers, enabling not only PC access to Internet, but also a network for remote devices and connecting local computer networks into global VPN users network.

Tehnicom Computers

We do not learn with the users

Tehnicom Computers has existed for 17 years now and has been dealing with information technologies since its very beginning. At first, it operated within Tehnicom, and seven years ago, in 2002, it separated into the single company with about fifteen employees whose business was mainly selling the hardware - yellow computers. Computers Tehnicom now has 50 employees and several sectors, and one of them is still selling equipment, but now those are computers of companies IBM, Lenovo and HP. There is a sector within the company, which produces software - mostly web applications, engineering sector, as well as service sector and customer support – they service products that have manufacturers’ authorization  (IBM, HP) and support the users, in the field and remote.


Protect your data. NOW!


Both the RiSK 2009 organizers’ and attendants’ anticipations were met and largely surpassed due to the number and the quality of presentations and the number of visitors. This year’s event span through it’s traditional two days and began on the 10th of February, which was the world day of safe internet use. The organizer – Real Security d.o.o. of Maribor, Slovenia – gave its best to help fight the cyber-criminals of internet by organizing 21 presentations, which is almost twice the last year’s number. The leading motto of the conference was - “Protect your data. NOW!”. The motto and the presentations were chosen by the organizer to emphasize the need for personal and enterprise security in the most appropriate form.

International ICT Congresses in healthcare


Full membership of our Union of ICT Societies JISA in HITM, a leading European association of information technology managers in medicine, with its headquarters in Brussels, has provided Serbia a permanent place in the European Assembly of ICT professionals, the right to vote and a constant influx of new information. One of the leading HITM missions is establishing the common European standards in healthcare, unifying policy and development strategy with the EU and international levels. HITM has a very important role in increasing transparency, the role and significance of IT management in healthcare institutions, as well as in the field of employees’ education, especially those who make decisions. HITM helps the international cooperation in various sectors of healthcare, promotes the effects and enormous savings that usage of telecommunications and information technologies brings. Starting from this issue, InfoReview will inform you regularly about all conferences that HITM organizes in the world. If you decide to participate in any of them, contact us and we will pass your impressions on InfoReview pages in some of our next issues.


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010 We have been given the place in
       European Chamber of Commerce
016 President of  European Commission
      received nine millionth ECDL Skills Card

020 Serbia Accelerates integration to EU

028 ZIS: Service above everything

040 End to End Web Security

046 Protocol signed between Post Office of
Serbia and Tax Administration

SOLUTION contributes to your suc-

054 SEFICT and JISA Congress 2009

060 FSC Serbia won annual NetApp award
for tehnical expertise

064 CEED Office in Belgrade opened

070 A bit of SAP, a bif step forward

080 Internet Telekom Serbia – The Right
Thing for Your Business

088 TeleGroup – leader on the Serbian
telecommunications market

094 ,, KIRKA – SURI“ – boilers factory         

098 Realization of ECDL training and
certification in the Assembly and
Executive Council of AP Vojvodina

102 2G/3G ruteri – communication with no

108 Tehnicom Computers: We do not learn
with the users

114 Protect your data. NOW!

118 Internacional ICT Congresses in