JISA INFOREVIEW magazine in 2008.

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From content 6/08 we highlight:


Awards for Exporters
Traditional Award by SIEPA – the Agency for foreign investment and promotion of exports of the Republic of Serbia for the best exporter of the year, was given by the fifth time at the ceremony in the City of Belgrade to best Serbian exporters in 2008. In addition to the main prizes for the best exporter, the prizes for best new export product, for the conquest of a new market, as well as the best exporter in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises were also awarded. President of the Government of Serbia, Mirko Cvetković, Minister of Economy and Regional Development, Mlađan Dinkić, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society, Jasna Matić, Director of SIEPA Vesna Perić, awarded the prizes, while General Director of DHL Company, Darko Babić, awarded the prizes given by his company.


Virtus Award for socially most responsible companies

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development, Mlađan Dinkić, opened this year’s VIRTUS 2008 award assigning in the house of the National Assembly of the companies that this year most effectively supported the actions or non-profit organization of the general good and interest. The Balkan fund for local initiatives, as the largest national foundation that has been supporting civil actions and local groups for years, in cooperation with USAID / ISC, Czech Foreign Ministry , VIA Foundation, Rockefeller Brother Foundation (RBF), Executive Group, Economist Media Group, 'E-kapija', Serbian Society for Public Relations, the City of Belgrade and the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.


Service oriented architecture, our chance on the road to Europe

In the process of approaching the European Union, there are many adjustments in front of Serbia, not only in the area of harmonization of laws, but also adaptation of business processes that should support them. Principles and technologies related to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) are our chance to adjust and coordinate the appropriate IT infrastructure quickly and effectively to the needs of these and such business processes, i.e. our chance to adjust to Europe in terms of information technologies, as well.


The World in Your Office

Last week of November was reserved for the event, which was held in the beautiful residence of Norwegian Ambassador Mr. Haakon Blankenborg called ‘The World in Your Office’.
The announcement of this unique assemble was held in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in front of numerous interested journalists and television crews.
MDS Informatics Engineering brought closer and showed its users closer new ways of remote communication, with videoconference systems, which are the standard in the world, and through large door enter the Serbian IT market.


Cisco Expo 2008: Positive energy

At this year's conference, Cisco Expo, held in the Hotel Hyatt in Belgrade on 11th and 12th of November, the solutions that encourage innovation and solve the challenges of modern business were presented, just as it was announced. The participants of one of the most important ICT conference in the region, in accordance with this year's topic “Innovate. Experience. Network.” met both the world best experience and, in innovative environment and positive mood, the most modern developments in the field of network technology.


First Serbia then Cisco

Issue and the title of Vladeta Marjanović’s lecture, the senior director of strategy and planning Cisco Systems sales, was the future of business communication. He urged that we should be building a positive atmosphere, because there are the results showing that we are successful. It seems that people aside see certain things differently than we inside. Therefore, we have asked him to explain us additionally what his opinion actually is like, where his optimism comes from and what his recommendations are. Here is what he said.



TelePresence video conference: Meetings from a distance without travel
By making a video connection among Belgrade, Podgorica, Banja Luka and Kosovska Mitrovica, in mid-November, Telecom Serbia presented a contemporary and unique service – TelePresence, intended for the business world and business users of the company.
The actors Svetozar Cvetković, Tihomir Stanić and Mladen Nelević made the first video connection. Then, over TelePresence Mr. Branko Radujko, General Director of Telecom Serbia; Mr. Vladimir Lučić, Director in Directorate for commercial affairs of Telecom Serbia  and Mr. Saša Leković, Director in Directorate for Technology of Telecom Serbia, greeted the present. Director of m:tel, Mr. Predrag Ćulibrk, addressed the attendees of TelePresence from Banja Luka and Mr. Zlatko Trhulj, Director of m:tel from Podgorica.


Jasna Matić, Minister for Telecommunications and Information Society visited Telecom Serbia ad

Minister for Telecommunications and Information Society, Jasna Matić visited Telecom Serbia ad in November and met innovative services that the company among the first in the region offered to the market.
During the visit, contemporary solutions Open IPTV and TelePresence were represented to Minister Matić by a leading management of Telecom Serbia, led by Director General, Branko Radujko. The advantages of TelePresence service, Ms. Matić used in talks with representatives of companies m: tel in Banja Luka and Podgorica, who acquainted her with some details of their company business in the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, as well as the novelties in the field of communications  in these countries.


Mobile unified communications

At the recently held meeting, Cisco Expo 2008, a significant difference in comparison to the meetings held in previous years could be noticed. Cisco Expo 2008 has been the most visited and with the most partner lectures so far. Most of the presentation as the topic had very advanced and interesting projects in the field of telecommunications, which have been implemented in Serbia using the most modern Cisco technologies. One of the presentations that attracted our attention was the one concerning the field of mobile unified communications, the term we have already written about in this magazine, but now meet the full realization for the first time, and in new architecture, which unifies all three leaders of the world's ICT industry. Mr. Goran Josivljević, senior systems engineer from Siemens IT Solutions and Services Ltd., held the presentation and we took the chance to pass some interesting details.


Telecom Serbia celebrated the tenth anniversary of mt:s with partners

Mobile telephony of Serbia celebrated this important jubilee with its friends on 30th of September– ten years of business.
The celebration started with colorful fireworks in front of Expo Center XXI, while the hosts were greeting the invited, business partners, business users and public figures from political and cultural life of Serbia.
The hosts of this gala celebration Mr. Branko Radujko, the Managing Director of Telecom Serbia and Mr. Vladimir Lučić, the Director of the Directorate for commercial affairs of Telecom Serbia, welcomed all the business partners, business users and other guests thanking them for their shown trust in Mobile telephony of Serbia during its first ten years of existing.


AMILO Notebook Sa 3650 and the GraphicBooster open up a completely new world of graphics and mobility

With up to 470% increased graphics performance the AMILO Notebook Sa 3650 is the perfect partner for anyone who needs high graphics performance and yet does not lose out on mobility. This is achieved with one of the world's first external graphics solutions from Fujitsu Siemens Computers. The IT infrastructure provider offers with the AMILO GraphicBooster and the AMILO Notebook Sa 3650 a power duo leaving nothing to be desired: small, smart, powerful and stylish! With dimensions of just 18 x 13 x 3.35 cm and weighing only 0.5 kilos the graphics sensation owes its performance to the ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3870 graphics card with a 512 MB dedicated graphics memory. 3D games, HD video and HD image processing are child's play for the AMILO Notebook Sa 3650.


At final ceremony in the Hotel Continental Belgrade, on 18 December 2008, this year's the most qualitative solutions in the application of information and communication technologies in almost all spheres of economy and non-economy were announced. Ms. Jasna Matić, Minister of Telecommunication and Information Society of Serbia, opened the ceremony and award recognition attended the highest bodies of Serbia and President of CEPIS - Council of European Professional Informatics Societies, Mr. Niko Schlamberger; Ambassador of Canada, Mr. John Morrison and other regional representatives of chambers of commerce and IT associations who participated in the work of this year's jury.


Evangelists of software engineering

Whoever who had the chance to take a look into the NPS reference list, could have noted two well-known companies – Delta Sport and Pexim. The following text doesn’t tell about the projects done by NPS in these companies; it doesn’t tell about the similiarities and differences between NAX and AX, two Microsoft Dynamics business solutions implemented in these houses; it doesn’t tell about the problems that are a part of complex projects, nor about the successes... The topic of this text is the story about two young and successfull men, about their hopes and those of our own, but also about the faith in success being possible without leaving the country. They live in same city, they work in different companies, and they have the same last name. They are Jovičić brothers.


NPS@Business meetings: Together to the aim

The readers of InfoReview are certainly quite familiar with NPS Company, as we have been presenting its projects, plans and novelties in our issues. Their motto “Investing in business informatics will not make you rich, but non-investing will surely make you poor” has been accepted and taken for sure by many managers in various companies and thus decided for NPS as an integrator of internationally recognized Microsoft integrated solutions NAV and AX, as well as systems for business reporting BI4Dynamics. It is not strange given the fact that NPS received great recognition this year, the best solution award in the field of business reporting (BI) in the region of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe at the Microsoft Partner Conference in Houston


PORTAL – Electronic sessions of the Government of Montenegro

An electronic portal session of the Government of Montenegro is a comprehensive solution that monitors the entire process of the electronic session both the Government of Montenegro and its committees. This solution also monitors preparation process, procedure of considering the ministries, archiving documents and forming and monitoring session conclusions.
The basic purpose of SharePoint Portal of Commission for Economic Policy (ESV) aims at improving the work efficiency, primarily in the phase of preparing acts, as well as other materials for the Government meetings and the Government Commission session itself


New possibilities for tracking vehicles

Fox AVL is a system for tracking vehicles in real time, which the Belgrade company Geneko produced. In short, the system is based on special devices that are installed in the vehicles and suitable software that collects data from these devices and presents them in a transparent way, with a wide choice of additional useful options. From the technical side, the work is based on satellite global positioning system (GPS) and with its help, the devices in the vehicles collect data on the current geographical location of vehicles and GSM mobile phone network through which the data are sent by the GPRS protocol to the center for tracking vehicles.



The forth international exhibition and conference “SMART E-GOVERNMENT 2008”, held in the Hotel Continental Belgrade, was dedicated to electronic identity and electronic government services in accordance with the i2010 initiative - by forming the unique European information space.
Organizers of the meeting were ASIT - Association for information, computing, telecommunications and new media of Serbia with the support of the authorized Ministries of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.



InfoDom focuses its business on strategic management consulting and business transformation services by means of business process management, knowledge management and program and project management
Driven by its mission statement “To learn and to teach” InfoDom holds, according to the survey of  American research company IDC, the leading position in software manufacturing, as well as in IT consulting in Croatia. Core activities of company InfoDom are strategic management consulting, design and implementation of integrated business solutions, as well as business process management.


Allied Telesis Roadshow Held

Allied Telesis International Company, known as the global leader in delivery of IP / Ethernet solutions, and one of the leading participants in development of Triple Play Networks, held the manifestation SwitchBlade x908 Roadshow on Friday 12 December 2008, on which it presented its latest solutions that contribute to network flexibility and reliability. This is the third event in a row, the previous two were held in Sarajevo and Podgorica.



16th TELFOR held in Sava Center from 25th to 27th November

More attention to concrete services and applications
During three days 600 authors, co-authors and speakers presented more than 250 scientific and professional papers, divided in 35 copyright and five student sessions. Ms. Jasna Matić, Minister of telecommunications and information society, opened the forum.
Telfor, the largest telecommunication forum in this region, organized for the 16th time, this year lasted from 25 to 27 November in Sava Center in Belgrade. By tradition, it gathered at the opening more than 2,000 participants, exhibitors, visitors and observers, and during three days 600 authors, co-authors and speakers presented more than 250 scientific and professional papers, divided in 35 copyright and five student sessions.


Telekom IPTV

Telecom Serbia introduced a new generation of TV – Open IPTV

At 16th International telecommunication forum TELFOR 2008, a new service of Telecom Serbia – Open IPTV was presented. In the living room of Telecom Serbia, set especially for this occasion, the guests of Telflor found out what possibilities Open IPTV, a television of the future, offers that puts the viewer in the position of editor of his own TV program for the first time.
Mr. Vladimir Lučić, Director of the Directorate for commercial affairs of Telecom Serbia, introduced the present with details of the service, basic characteristics and commercial terms of Open IPTV.




Mr. Aleksandar Sugaris, Technical Marketing Manager talked about the activities of TeleGroup Company at TELFOR 2008

1. What was the concept of TeleGroup Company’s performance at telecommunication forum 2008?
It is the practice that our company at Telecommunications forum, which has been traditionally holding in the Sava Center in Belgrade for 16 years in a row now, has its own stand. Unlike previous years, this time we were significantly better positioned. On one hand, we were near the main hall where professional lectures and presentations were taking place, so many visitors had the opportunity to make a round of our stand and see with what novelties we came on the market this year. On the other hand, our neighbors ‘next-door’ were the colleagues from Telecom Serbia, whose stand was generally one of the most visited.



Information and communication technologies in teaching

At the beginning of each school year, all schools in Serbia receive the printed catalogue that offer various, accredited programs. In wide offer of seminars, a mandatory seminar ‘Information and communication technology in teaching’ pointed out, held in Novi Sad, on 01 and 02 November 2008, which  elementary school 'Jovan Popović’ and the Agency for Education ‘M and J' from Novi Sad organized. This seminar is traditionally meant for all teachers who use information and communication technology in their work, primarily informatics, technical end electro technical teachers. Besides them, there were also interested teachers, librarians, mediatekars, Serbian language teachers, geography teachers and others.



Record of working hours in motion - Mobile Time

Today, when the business environment becomes more dynamic, the employee’s working position is no longer so strictly related to the office, but it is all around us, in the field, at home, on the way home, etc. Modern information systems do almost all routine tasks, while more responsible tasks are given to the staff. The need for highly professional and well-trained personnel is increasing while their availability is relatively limited. Noticing these facts, in order to respond to the demands of modern business, Špica has decided to develop a mobile solution for record of the working hours - Mobile Time, as a separate sub-system of its well-known system for access control and recording the working hours Time & Space.


Tehnicom Computers

IT security from Technicom Computers’ point of view

In Belgrade on Thursday 27th of November, the third in a row assembly Partner day of Tehnicom Computers was held. This year, its topic was “E-security” with a slogan “Do not be unsafe, be e-safe!”
The representatives of Tehnicom Computers and its partner companies EMC, IBM, HP, Lenovo, Cisco and AST gave the lectures on the latest solutions and examples from the practice at all levels of security within the company- from physical, through energetic and network security, to protection of data storage.  It was also about the main risk factors in data storage, as well as solutions that reduce or eliminate these risks.



TELSEY powered by SION NET Ltd

Owing to mutually recognized quality, at the beginning of the year, companies TELSEY CEE and SION NET Ltd made partnership in the field of distribution, support and marketing solutions of TELSEY CEE Company on the territory of Serbia.
At a recent seminar held in Belgrade, TELSEY Company presented its business strategy, cooperation and development plan through strategic partnership with SION NET Ltd



The ninth in a row Telecommunication 2008 conference, which was held in Portorož on 4th and 5th of November, gathered the regional and international experts from companies, as well as the representatives of national and regulatory institutions and operators from South-East Europe. In the Grand Hotel Bernardin, there were the experts from the Slovenian and foreign companies, among which were APEK, Astec, Cisco, Ericsson, IBM, Iskrateling, Mobitel, NLB, Perenič svetovanje, Telecom Slovenia, Telecom Serbia, Teletech, Valicon and Verso. Held lectures were related to the opportunities and challenges of the telecommunication business. Optimal usage and the introduction of new technologies is the key to successful business. The speakers from Serbia attracted special attention, who gave detailed insight into current state of the ICT sector in Serbia.



Towards an Information Society
For the Western Balkans

The Conference “Towards an Information Society for the Western Balkans”, held in Belgrade in the mid-December 2008, addressed Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) stakeholders such as leading researchers and experts from academia and industry and representatives of Ministries from the Western Balkan Countries (WBC).

The Conference aimed at formulating a coherent strategy and actions for the development of the ICT research environment in the Western Balkans and for the region’s integration in the wider European effort to achieve the Information Society. During the Conference, the regional ICT research needs, capacities and priorities were discussed, the future challenges of the Western Balkan ICT research environment were explored and concrete recommendations/actions for enhanced regional ICT research collaboration were put forward. In parallel, the Conference intended to provide input for future calls such as FP7 ICT Work Programme calls and the Joint Call in the context of the South East European ERA.Net PLUS project.



IT Globus is the annual award of magazine Micro PC World for exceptional achievements in the field of IT, computing and telecommunications. Final evening event was held on 2 December in the Hyatt Regency hotel under the auspices of the largest IT companies of our market. This solemn award ceremony attended numerous guests from political and public life, media, as well as representatives of the most successful companies in this sector. Prizes are awarded in 23 categories as well as two special awards were assigned, awards for the best IT journalist and two special prizes for the greatest contribution to the IT and IT greatest failure.



Fair jobs for students and graduates of technical and technological faculties “JobFair 08”
Young people want to create their future in Serbia
Every year, starting from 2005, a traditional “JobFair - Create your future!” is held, which is organized by students from the local branches of the European student networks - the Association of Technology students in Europe (BEST) and the Association of Electrical Engineering students in Europe (EESTEC). Organizers want to help prevent young people going abroad immediately after graduation, reduce unemployment and provide their colleagues to find a first job or training in companies that operate successfully in Serbia, and the fourth time in succession, they organized this fair in Belgrade in the building of technical schools on 3rd and 4th of November.


Content 6/08

010 Siepa – Awards for Exporters

012 Virtus Award for socially most responsible

014 SBS- Service oriented architecture,
our chance on the road to Europe

020 MDS- The World in your office

026 CISCO EXPO 2008
Positive energy

028 First Serbia the Cisco

032 TelePresence video conference:

036 SIEMENS – Mobile unified communications

040 SAP’s arsenal of business reporting

044 FSC – AMILO Notebook Sa3650


056 Evangelists of software engineering

062 NPS@Business Meetings: Together to the aim

064 PORTAL-Electronic sessions of the Government
of Montenegro

068 GENEKO – New possibilities for tracking vehicles

072 Electronic identity and  e-government services

074 INFODOM – Introduction of e-business with partner companies in Serbia


082 TELFOR – More attention to concrete services
and applications


094 ECDL – Information and communication
technologies in teaching

096 Record of working hour in motion
- Mobile Time

100 IT security from Tehnicom Computers point of view
Serbian Tigar in global world

104 TELSEY powerd by SIONNET


112 Towards an Information Society
for the Western Balkans

114 Micro PC World – IT GLOBUS 2008

116 Young people want to create their future in Serbia