JISA INFOREVIEW magazine in 2008.

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From content 5/08 we highlight:


During the last 14 years, JISA in cooperation with European ICT associations and economic chambers, traditionaly give Diskobolos award for most succesful modern technologies applaying in everyday bussiness.
Also, by qualifying to final round for DISKOBOLOS award all experts and makers, who have participared in cteation of these achievements will be registred in JISA online expert database, witch gives them the transparency towards all world databases of IFIP, CEPIS, ITSTAR, WITSA, HITM.... i.e. a  new chance to get engaged in the European and other investors' projects.

10-11 November 2008

RZB Raiffeisen Hall, Vienna, Austria

This year, the fifth jubilee VEF (Vienna Economic Forum) conference will be held in Vienna on 10th and 11th of November. This year’s conference, named Go South East, will be about  investment possibilities in the countries form the Adriatic to the Black Sea and the Caspian region, whose motto is Take the Real Chance.

Various possibilities for Serbia

President of the Republic of Serbia Boris Tadić talked to President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Christoph Leitl about economic cooperation of these two countries.
President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber expressed his satisfaction with the outgoing business of Austrian companies in Serbia, concluding that the exchange of goods constantly grows.

President Tadić emphasized that the central geopolitical location of Serbia is a reason for it to be the link among all countries in the region, reminding that our country is a signatory of CEFTA Agreement.

Vienna, ECDL Forum, 23-24th of October

The traditional annual ECDL conference assembles more than three hundred participants from almost all countries in the world. The European plan i2010, which among the existing 8 million ECDL certifications requires 20 million new certifications as well as huge investments in the field of spreading the digital literacy, were, besides the beginning of the new syllabus V5.0 applying, the main topics of this year’s Conference. From everything mentioned it is notable that ICDL – International Computer Driving Licence, with its new markets in China, Africa, America and Russia, starts surpassing the number of certifications, which is realized in Europe, through ECDL-European Computer Driving Licence. Especially impressive are the results that UNESCO achieves on the African market in Egypt, South Africa and Jordan. 

WCC 2008 – World Computer Congress in Milan

AICA - Italian Computer Association, as a member of IFIP – International Federation for Information Processing, in candidacy with Singapore, Brussels and Stockholm, has won the right for Milan to be a host of this year’s most significant information gathering, WCC 2008 – World Computer Congress! WCC has about 50-year-long tradition and it is highly appreciated in ICT world. This is a reason for Mr. Giulio Occhini, President of Italian Association and this year’s WCC organizer, to be InfoReview’s guest.


SBS celebrated 17 years of successful business

Serbian Business System (SBS) is a leading company in the Serbian market in the fields of information technologies, system of engineering services and services of computer network maintenance. It was established on October 1st 1991, as a general representative of IBM - International Business Machines corporation, inheriting the business of Intertrade ITS company, the earlier representative of IBM. The company’s business includes sales of computer configuration, system engineering service and system maintenance for all users’ categories, including public service companies and government administration.


ITIL arrived to Serbia
Belgrade company SBS, in cooperation with companies Unistar LC in Ljubljana and Axios Systems in Edinburgh, organized free expert seminar with a slightly cryptic title – “Do you speak ITIL?” in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade on September the 16th.
The aim of this gathering was to bring the “puzzling” ITIL closer to the organizations in Serbia and consider the ways of introducing it to their everyday activities. What is ITIL? It is, obviously, an abbreviation for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, which partially points to its deeper meaning.

Association World Congress

Salzburg, 12-14th October 2008

Naseba, a specialized joint-stock company for communication improving in business surrounding, organized the meeting of suppliers and service users of congress organization activities. At this gathering, JISA, Union of ICT societies, had a pleasure to present its activities related to awards Diskobolos, JISA Congress, SEFICT Forum and ECDL conferences. Salzburg, a city of rich tradition, history and culture, fantastic congress potentials, was a host of this exquisite event.


MDS Information Engineering
carrier of telecommunication infrastructure development
Miroljub Jovović,
MDS Information Engineering General Manager

MDS Information Engineering is involved in designing of telecommunication networks and systems for more than thirty years, thus it ranges among the proponents of telecommunication infrastructure development with good reason. Rich experience followed by the certificates of the world leading producers of network equipment as well as the great number of certified engineers are the guarantee of the quality rendered in all spheres of the work.  As a proof we can take a fact that MDS Information Engineering has made cooperation and realized some of the biggest projects in the country lately, with Internet providers, Public Service, financial, energetic, medical and other public sectors of Serbia and Montenegro. While talking to its General Manager, Mr. Miroljub Jovovic, we asked him, among other things, which are the ways of success according to him.


Telecom Serbia celebrated the tenth anniversary of mt:s with partners

Mobile telephony of Serbia celebrated this important jubilee with its friends on 30th of September– ten years of business.
The celebration started with colorful fireworks in front of Expo Center XXI, while the hosts were greeting the invited, business partners, business users and public figures from political and cultural life of Serbia.
The hosts of this gala celebration Mr. Branko Radujko, the Managing Director of Telecom Serbia and Mr. Vladimir Lučić, the Director of the Directorate for commercial affairs of Telecom Serbia, welcomed all the business partners, business users and other guests thanking them for their shown trust in Mobile telephony of Serbia during its first ten years of existing.



The proof that telecommunications can also find their usage in television purposes is an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service – digital television, which is broadcasted over widespread Internet infrastructure. Technologically, IPTV is a modern way of distribution the television contents of the most various kinds. Unlike cable and analog systems of TV signals transmission, only the programme, which a viewer is watching at that moment in real time and digital shape, is sent to him, which contributes the high quality of tone and picture. Communication between provider and user is two-way, as the user has a possibility to send information on what he wants to watch.  This service is realized by connecting suitable user equipment over widespread accessing ADSL technology.


OKTOBER 4th 2008
Sponsor of the conference: President of Slovenia, Mr. Danilo Turk, PhD
Organizators of the conference: representatives of professional IT Associations of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Portugal, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Guests: ECDL representatives – European Computer Driving Licence Foundation from Dablin.

At traditional annual regional Conference on IT literacy, with the presence of the Slovenian Government representatives and numerous schools and institutions that are dealing with this problem in the region, the newest accomplishments, history and current activities of all the participating countries were presented. Our country was presented by JISA – Union of ICT Societies.


Jat Airways in front of new challenges

Determined to remain national brand and regional leader

-           Enormous fuel price increasing and situation in air-traffic have made the Serbian Government to postpone selling the company and help it in rebuilding, reorganization and reducing the business costs process
-           The State will be a gerent during the furnishing new, more economic fleet, which Jat is going to pay off from its funds

Serbian national airline company Jat Airways belongs to the group of the oldest and most respected European companies with more than 80-year-long tradition. It has been a member of the most significant international airline institutions - International Air Transport Association (IATA) since 1961 and Association of European Airlines (AEA) since 1971.


Ceremony donation service attended His Excellency Ambassador of Japan in Montenegro Mr. Tadashi Nagari, the capital’s Vice President Mr. Radivoje Adžić and the Secretary of Ministry of culture, sport and media Mr. Tomo Miljić. Thanking the donator for the valuable donation, Jelena Đurović reminded that on 11th of December a contract on grant between CNL and Embassy of Japan was signed that opened new possibilities for protection and presentation of rich library’s funds, which present Montenegrin and world cultural heritage. This donation means exquisite support to National Library of Montenegro aimed at protection of its priceless collections and funds, as well as their availability to entire publicity. Creating the microfilming and digitalization systems, for CNL, opens new chapter in protection and usage of rare and jeopardized library contents.


Cisco Research Reveals Common Data Loss Mistakes

Cisco® these days announced findings from a new global security study that spotlights numerous risks taken by employees that can lead to one of the most prominent security concerns for businesses: the loss of corporate information. The study identifies common data leakage mistakes among workforces around the world and is based on surveys of more than 2,000 employees and information technology professionals in 10 countries. The findings show that behavioral risks of employees can vary by country and culture, creating opportunities for businesses to tailor risk management plans that prevent incidents locally while remaining global in scope.


Investing in education is fundamental to each SME growing
Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) in Serbia are learning to love the benefits of Cisco® technology thanks to a slew of educational efforts.

In Serbia, there are about 106.000 registered small and medium enterprises (SMEs), more than 95% of them have fewer than 50 employees. The sector employs about 60 percent of the total workforce but is woefully lacking in technology skills: only six percent of companies with between 10 and 49 people have a dedicated IT person.


The most successful SAP® World Tour in the West Balkans so far

SAP West Balkans, a daughter company of the biggest business software manufacturer in the world, SAP AG company, organized the fourth, so far most successful, SAP® World Tour in Belgrade on September 24th.  SAP World Tour 08 is SAP company’s business event of the year. During 2008, this event is being organized in more than 50 cities and Belgrade, as SAP company’s branch office for West Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania), is among them. In the past four years, SAP World Tour has made contacts with over 130.000 customers, partners, analysts and media representatives all over the world.




Tigar, one of the oldest Serbian companies, was established in 1935. More than thirty years, it has been achieving most of its business results on international market fighting a stiff competition all over the world. 

Orientation towards international market requires constant monitoring and deep understanding of trends that process of globalization brings, as well as movements on international goods, knowledge and capital markets. Understanding and fitting the global trends, flexibility of systems and accepting the changes, were and still are the basis for the survival and sustainable development of company.


Electronic services and e-Government in Austria– The Path to the Leader's Position

Results of measuring e-Government development in Europe show that Austria, Malta and Portugal offer the best sophistication and fully online availability of public services for their business community. How has Austria reached leading position and what is its e-Government system like? Mag. Alexander Leiningen-Westerburg, Siemens AG, answered these questions and gave some advices and recommendations for introducing the e- Government in Serbia on the lectures he gave at the twelfth IS DOS 2008 gathering held in Novi Sad on 6th and 7th of October. Team’s core, working on the Austrian e- Government project, after its ending, got a job in Siemens Austria and its members are now available as the consultants for the whole region.



Fujitsu Siemens Computers presents new assortment of professional PCs
Better performances, bigger energetic efficiency and attractive new product design, powerful tramp-cards ESPRIMO C, E i P and series of desktop PCs with investing in modern offices

Fujitsu Siemens Computers  has launched new professional desktop PCs with numerous characteristics, which put them in the very top of belonging classes. All new eleven models in ESPRIMO C, ESPRIMO E and ESPRIMO P series are based on new Intel Q43/Q45 group of chips. The computers are faster and achieve better performances with less power consumption.



NAV Express: Reliable, efficient and cost-effective ERP solution for small enterprises
In one of the previous issues, when we discussed how to aviod the most common mistakes when choosing and implementing the business solution, you could read the following: “Investments in business IT will not make you rich, but non-investing will surely make you poor fast”. Perhaps, at this moment, it is “just” the way to make comparative advantage over the competition, but it is certain that very soon, just a few years from now, it will not be possible to survive and endure the tough market game without suitable IT support.





To make an enterprise successful and competent on the market, besides good team, which is a heartbeat of each business, it is necessary for it to have dynamic, hard working and, above all, people with “guts” at its head.
Mr. Milomir Gligorijevic, TeleGroup Enterprise’s establisher, is the entrepreneur with the power to turn the business concept into concrete results, which have been visible, in a very short time, on the West Balkans market since its establishing in 2001




The 15th jubilee Festival of information achievements – INFOFEST this year elapsed in the sign of slogan “Structure of success”. Few days before opening, Milan Mrvaljevic, the Director of the Festival, in the interview for the Montenegrin magazine “Pobjeda” explained its meaning: “To succeed means to achieve the goal set. To leave the goal achieving to chance, is irresponsibility of us and those who would this goal refer to. That is why, with maximal and well-organized engagement, one should concentrate on the goal desired. Actually, decisive step is to create a structure, which will materialize our efforts best and give most chance to achieve the goal, with neutralization of negative external circumstances and influence. The slogan of this year’s Infofest points to the need to build this kind of structure, thus structure of success.”



ECDL training for 1.185 employees

Glomazic Zoran

Assistant Director of Fund for Health is in charge of information technology development. He has participated and managed numerous Projects in the field of health, health insurance and Government offices. To his facility, he has provided two times the highest regional acknowledgment in the field of IT applying in healthcare DISKOBOLOS 2003 and DISKOBOLOS 2007, and at last one, XV INFOFEST 2008, he received the acknowledgment fo0r project solution quality.



Mobile broadband gateway

It is probably needless to talk about the significance of broadband Internet access – it is something that, in the modern world, implies as an integral part of not just modern business, but also everyday life. That is exactly why development of good communication infrastructure and information society is defined as a starter of general progress. Unfortunately, we are the witnesses that, when it comes to communication infrastructure, we still “trot” behind developed countries. The bigger broadband penetration on our market started together with cable Internet and ADSL appearance and though we have moved forward a lot since then, there are very often lack technical possibilities for broadband access in some important locations and, which is even worse, they will keep lacking in the near future. What should be done?



 – company with mission, commitment and the future

Why do we exist, where are we going, cooperative values, with experience towards success…
Konsing Group is a leading Serbian-American company for consulting, designing and engineering within the purview of radio telecommunications and information technologies in Serbia and region. It is a company capable of fulfilling the requests and expectations of users and interested parties with its mission and obeying the legal norms and regulations and highest world standards. The company has all the resources necessary for performing the most complex business tasks and approaching the newest technological solutions to its users and in whose frame KONSING Belgrade, CG KONSING Podgorica, KONSING BS Banja Luka, CGI KOSIM Kosovska Mitrovica, TELECALL Belgrade are doing their business.  



Mobile time and attendance technologies

As present business becomes more dynamic, work environment is less and less strictly office based, and becoming all around us – at home, at customers, in car, on field… These business trends are very difficult to track with traditional time and attendance solutions, and requests totally different approach.
Analyzing needs of modern buissness, Spica integrated all available mobile technologies in its time and attendance and access control solution Time&Space to satisfy eaven most complex market requests.



Telsey at IBC Amsterdam 2008

IBC2008 attendance breaks all records!
Just as every year, Telsey exhibited at IBC Amsterdam 2008. This year, IBC2008 has proved to be a record-breaking event in visitor attendance, the number of registrations and exhibitors taking part. IBC recorded 77,041 registrations and 49,250 visitors attended the show, breaking all previous records by nearly 5%. Visitors came from over 130 countries worldwide to experience unmissable events, compelling propositions and to gain an insight into future opportunities.



From 16th to 21st of September, Zagreb International Autumn Fair as the central business event of the Croatian economy was held.  This unique fair project comprises a group of specialized fairs from the following fields: construction, energetics, ecology, innovations, packing industry, transport and logistics. The fair has been creating the strongest effects of synergy for the presentation of industry in Croatia for years. There were 1523 exhibitors, 478 foreign, from 38 countries on 70.000 square meters. More than 70.000 visitors were registered on the entrances. This was the second Autumn Fair since its transformation and revitalization has started.


Content 5/08

004 DISKOBOLOS – Behind each business success,
there is modern organization standing!

010 5th Vienna Economic Forum

013 Various possibilities for Serbia

014 ECDL Forum

018 WCC 2008
– World Computer Congress in Milan

024 SBS celebrated 17 years of successful business

026 ITIL arrived in Serbia

036 Salzburg – Association World Congress

038 MDS Information Engineering – carrier of
telecommunication infrastructure development

044 Telecom Serbia celebrated the tenth
anniversary of m:ts with partners

046 IPTV – The new way of experiencing TV

048 Regional Conference on IT ECDL Literacy

050 JAT Airways – Determined to remain national
brand and regional leader

054 Japanese donation brings new light in protection
of cultural heritage of Montenegro

058 Cisco Research Reveals Common Data Loss

060 Investing in education is fundamental
to each SME growing

062 The most successful SAP World Tour
in the West Balkans so far

068 Serbian Tigar in global world

074 Electronic services and e-Government in Austria

078 FSC presents new assortment of professional PCs

082 Reliable, efficient and cost-effective
ERP solution for small enterprises

088 With hard work towards success

094 INFOFEST – Structure of success

098 ECDL training for 1.185 employees

102 Mobile broadband gateway

106 KONSING GROUP – Company with mission,
commitment and the future

110 Mobile time and attendance techologies

112 Telsey at  IBC Amsterdam 2008

116 84th Zagreb International autumn Fair