JISA INFOREVIEW magazine in 2008.

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From content 4/08 we highlight:

Prof. Dr H Vejpustek, President of European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry

‘Ex-Yugoslav countries have great economical potential’

INFOREVIEW:  Do you see any dangers in the present European Economic development?
"EEIG: No. The previously mentioned high European level is the reason why increases in the West become less from year to year. That is quite normal. Countries which have not been so developed, have a good chance now to top all the Western European countries by pushing forward with an incredible speed and exciting increase rates. The countries of the former Republic of Yugoslavia are a good example of this development, which has a big economic potential. I personally do not understand why not all of these countries Member States of the European Union are yet – but I believe that this will be solved very soon."...



Precisely ten years ago when it started its operations, the Mobile Telephony of Serbia had an idea to offer its customers a completely new mobile communications experience. A mobile operator was already present on the market, so that it was an even greater challenge for mt:s to find its place and position itself on the market. Now we can say we made it. Our network today covers 91.3% of the territory and 97.02% of the population. The Mobile Telephony of Serbia has managed to assume and keep its leading position on the market, and we have additionally strengthened our position by regional expansion and the construction of m:tel networks in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although 2007 was mt:s’s most successful business year according to all indicators, our plans for 2008 remain ambitious, so that, in the first half of the year, we have, along with the m:tel networks, expanded the number of our customers to nearly seven million


5 reasons to choose MDS!

MDS is the first Serbian company with the Cisco Gold partner status

MDS Informatic Engineering, as the Cisco Gold Certified Partner, has reached the highest level of credibility and a wide range of specialization within network technologies. What distinguish this company from others are the following Advanced specializations:

  • Unified Communications,
  • Routing & Switching,
  • Security,
  • Data Center Storage Networking,
  • Wireless LAN Technologies


Network Provides Serbian Bank with Platform for Growth

Architectural platform gives Eurobank EFG a secure foundation for collaboration, new customer services, and tight cost control.

In 2003, Eurobank EFG Group entered the Serbian market by purchasing Post Bank, a small bank focused on large corporate clients and operated only from a single location. Eurobank EFG’s strategy, however, was to become one of  the leading universal banks in Serbia, and a new foundation was needed to rapidly create a strong market presence, offering innovative financial products, delivered with excellent customer service through a network of local branches.
The bank’s response was to create a converged, secure, and scalable, Cisco-based infrastructure, placed at the heart of the business by adopting the “Network as the Platform” approach. Centralized services are a key feature of the bank’s strategy, and include its core banking application and Cisco® IP telephony


High-standard of Business

Konsing Group presents one of the strongest companies in Serbia referring to consulting, projecting and engineering within telecommunications. Konsing has been the major project building contactor and the one who launched mobile VIP Mobile networks in Serbia and M:Tel in Montenegro. Konsing has recently opened new building that values some 10.5 million dollars. We have talked to Zdenko Lekan, the president of Konsing Group about their plans for future period.



Business Event of the Year

SAP World Tour is SAP’s business event of the year held at more than 50 cities around the world. Again this year, SAP World Tour is coming to Belgrade, and will be held at Hyatt Regency hotel on September 24th. In the last four years, SAP World Tour has reached more than 130,000 customers, partners, analysts, and members of the press worldwide.


Going through New Belgrade and counting the cranes installed, each real builder’s heart is fulfilled as it was only until yesterday that all the cranes could be counted on one hand only.  More than one million square meters of business, private or commercial space is being built only in Belgrade today, which represents a true challenge for the construction executive body.  That is certainly a challenge for our interlocutor, Doctor Dragan Budjevac, a full time professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade and the Managing Director of Delta Invest.



Proven solutions and international experiences help Serbia on its road towards Europe
Siemens IT Solutions and Services d.o.o. Belgrade is one of the leading system integrators on the Serbian market, recognised as the one that has integrated long time experience of a domestic company and an internationally leading provider of IT solutions and services. Mr. Dragan Stokic, General Manager of the company, has explained us the transition path all the way from IBIS-SYS to current name and organisation, the significance of this process for the company itself and employees.


Fujitsu Siemens Computers presents new storage system for data center file services consolidation
Munich – Fujitsu Siemens Computers announces the introduction of the CentricStor FS (File Services) system, developed specifically for organizations facing the need to store increasing amounts of unstructured data. CentricStor FS enables consolidation of file services: an efficient and reliable new approach to the increasing problem of dealing with unabated data growth. CentricStor FS provides nearly unlimited scalability, and in addition to extremely rapid response times and enormous throughput capabilities, features the highest levels of system availability. At launch, Fujitsu Siemens Computers is introducing five models, delivering storage capacities of between 14.4 Terabytes and 384 Terabytes. CentricStor FS products are available from September 26th and will establish a new value price point in this emerging category.


Fujitsu Siemens Computers selects Questra IDM Application Suite to launch a new generation of proactive remote support

Remote service solution solves problems before customers even know about them
Munich, Extending its portfolio to include the Questra IDM Application Suite, an auto-intelligent remote support solution, Fujitsu Siemens Computers heralds a new era in IT services. The company turns traditionally reactive support services upside down, delivering proactive problem monitoring, identification and solving, also using Auto Immune Systems® (AIS) for high-availability IT operations. This will provide managed services customers as well as consumers with a significant improvement in quality of service


World’s first zero-watt monitors now shipping – without price hike

Order books already bursting for eco-friendly monitors featuring zero-watt power save mode

The world’s first monitors to feature power supplies that automatically switch off completely in power-save mode start shipping today. Developed in-house by Fujitsu Siemens Computers, the leading European IT provider, the revolutionary new power-saving technology goes on sale in the SCENICVIEW Premium Line ECO range.


Business and IT  move forward together

Predrag Vraneš was born on 21st of March 1952, in Belgrade. He graduated at the Faculty of Electrical engineering, the University of Belgrade, in December 1976, and started his professional career at the Mihajlo Pupin Institute in 1977. as a developing ingeneer. He gained his Master of Science Degree in computer science in June 1983, at one of the most prestigious American Universities - UCLA (University of California Los Angeles), and became a teaching assistant there. After his post-graduate studies he worked as a research associate at the IBM Thomas J. Watson research centre in the USA, acquiring his comprehensive expertise in the computer industry.



EuroPlanet presence in Serbia dates back to 2002 when the company started transaction Processing Center with ATM, POS and Debit Card Outsourcing facilities and launched use of VISA, Master Card and Dina card systems in Serbia and neighboring countries. In 2004 EuroPlanet, on behalf of Euronet Software Division, opened a Customer Support Center in Belgrade, adding new highly trained staff to provide technical support services to users of Euronet software, serving the world market in cooperation with the remaining one in the USA .Euronet Customer Support Center in Belgrade is one out of two global centers the company runs and takes advantage of time zone difference between the USA and Europe as well as of outstanding language skills of the local workforce.


Strictly controlled wheat

Serbia has great potential for production and processing of grain (and food in general). Privatization of a great number of former “PIK” companies (food industrial factories), among which there are numerous giants from the socialist period, brings basic preconditions not only for their return on the positions they used to occupy but for serious productivity and profitability growth as well. This means that the majority of these enterprises should be both reorganized and modernized. Owing to the contacts between NPS and several enterprises in this line of work, it is evident that many of them plan to make serious investments, crucial decisions and, among other things, to choose and deploy new business solution. In order to at least try to ease this process which often involves many wanderings and dilemmas, we have decided to, as an encouragement, present the experiences of the Mitsides Point Company.


BI4Dynamics solution that NPS enterprise created, has got Microsoft award for the best BI product in region

At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2008 in Houston, NPS got extraordinary award- a prize for the best solution in the field of business informing (BI) in the Middle and East Europe. BI4Dynamics solution is an innovative solution for business informing that enables enterprises of all sizes to implement a platform for informing and data analyze quickly and without great expenses. In view of the fact that NPS plans to expand its business on global market and to establish a network of partner companies for sale and implementation of the product, that came in right moment, it would be a great contribution to common acceptance standard of this extraordinary concept.


To give more than Clients demand

Designing, project management, engineering, consulting and expert supervision in the course of construction for Clients like  Plaza Centers, Strabag, Airport City (Israel), Michaeler&Partners, Kronošpan (Austria), Pevec (Croatia), Tus, Kolosej, Plastik, Izoterm (Slovenia), Interex (France) , ExpoMedia Group (England) prove that  Multicon Engineering has grown up into the company which is, by its importance, crossing the regional frames.
About current work and plans we are talking to Managing Director of Multicon Inzenjering, Mr. Ratko Bažalac.


Geneko systems for Time & Attendance

Management and Access Control

For years, electronic identification has been in use on the foreign and domestic market and it brought many improvements in relation to old identification manners such as key and lock. All systems for access control are based on reliable identification of a person who wants to access the office or building. Next to ensuring more reliable identification, the system can note every individual usage of the system, by which they open a new usage field. For that reason the main emphasis in this text is on putting connection between access control systems with the system for registration the employees’ working time as the one of the most useful integrations.



We have to observe the business ethics

“Ball Packaging Europe” company is one of the leading soft drinks and beverages cans manufacturer in Europe. There are 12 factories working within the system, located in Germany, England, France, Holland, Poland and Serbia. The factory in Belgrade started working in 2005 and it now supplies the markets of Central and Southeastern Europe with nearly 700 million cans a year.


Telecom Serbia supports young talents!

Minister of Education, Žarko Obradović and Telekom Serbia a.d Managing Director, Branko Radujko rewarded our mathematical Olympians Luka Milićević, Dušan Milijančević, Marija Jelić, Teodor fon Burg, Aleksandar Vasiljković and Vladimir Nikolić on the ceremony held on 28th of July. In very stiff competition of more than 500 competitors from all over the world, they won one gold and two silver medals at  the 49th Internationalr Mathematical Olympics held in Madrid.



TeleGroup and Technology Partners Introduce New VoIP and WiMAX Solutions

TeleGroup and their technology partners AudioCodes and Alvarion have recently introduced and justified new solutions for VoIP/data business gateways and VoIP solution for WiMAX CPE equipment as well as certification for mobile WiMAX products. In this article TeleGroup explain what is new in their offerings. 





“System FTO” enterprise from Belgrade considers in the line of leading enterprises in Serbia today  in the field of physical-technical security service, money and valuables transportation security service, fire fighting security and security of all public gatherings service. It is hiring about 5,250 people at the moment and owns two more enterprises: “Security Kraljevo” and “EI Protection” from Nis, FUL PROTECTION Montenegro



Radio frequency identification in warehousing and distribution

There are more and more companies interested in radio frequency identification-RFID. RFID enables wireless identification and tracking that brought new form of business, new challenges and advantages. Users need to comprehend all RFID technology possibilities and restrictions in order to correctly assess its potential change. 
You probably already know that RFID tag can comprise particular unique information referring to the object to which they are connected to, and that these information can be wirelessly submitted to data base for more efficient tracking. What you may not know is how far has this technology gone and what has been developed in order to improve processes of warehousing and distribution.



Studio 15 and 17 laptop computers

Dell has launched on the market a new family of portable computers called Studio. We are talking about very attractive 15" and 17" notebooks that bring many design and technical elements from the notebook computers of prestigious Dell's XPS family.

Studio laptops bring a unique mixture of features and design clues originating from the colorful Inspiron family of notebooks, plus many characteristics of the technologically and stylishly accomplished XPS M laptops. Just like the Inspiron, Studio family is available in two sizes, determined by screen dimensions (15 and 17 inches diagonally)



Installation of IP TV solution in Serbian hotel business

One can not imagine modern world tourism and hotel business without the usage of new information and telecommunication solutions among which the IP TV, respectively Internet Protocol Television has come alive. Since the moment it has been launched on the telecommunication market, it has become obvious that IPTV will impose itself as a television of the future. The fact that million people around the world are using it already, point out that the future is already here





You wish to network computers in your company. You are looking for the category 6 for the cables. You buy brand name computers for greater reliability. You take backup link because of approachability. You observe corporation standards in equipping the premises, dress code, and documentation. Standards are all around us.
Do you observe current standards while infrastructural equipping IT centre? Probably not. There are 3% of Serbian companies whose work are based on information technologies and requires continuous availability, that have infrastructural equipped data center in accordance with current European and world standards.



The Alas Holding AD is a part of Austrian ASAMER group which has been  present in Serbia since 2001. The Company took part in the privatisation process of the Beočin Cement Plant, which is considered as the most successful privatisation in the country. Main activities are manufacturing of nonmetals and building material. Currently, the Alas Holding AD owns four, very large and successful companies. Those are: Zorka Keramika, Zorka Opeka, Alas Rakovac and Zorka Alas Kamen. So far, The Alas Holding AD has invested in Serbia more than 70 milion Euros and has 594 employees. Additionaly, together with French partner within The Beocin Cement Plant, The Alas Holding AD has 560 employees. Last year Alas Holding AD invested in Serbia 17 milion Euros.




The largest ever storadge information infrastructure announcement
Each individual’s information footprint will grow from one terabazt today to 16 TB by 2020.
Numerous data centers are overloaded and there is a growing need for inovations that will enable them to increase IT eficiency by simplifying current technological architectures and exploiting right technologies to prepare for future storage infrastructures needs.



The Portorož Declaration
eHealth in “without frontiers”

Serbia has recently become a member of HITM – Healthcare IT Managers, newformed European association in charge of advancing the computer and IT use in healthcare. Serbian JISA representative – Union of ICT Societies, accompanied this year conclusive conference held in Portorož, Slovenia in May 2008.  


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Delta Invest


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FSCoputers presents new storadge system

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Questra IDM

Fujitsu Siemens Computers

World`s first zero watt monitors


Business and IT move forward together


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Strictly controlled wheat


BI4Dznamics solutions

Multicon Engineering

To give more than Clients Demand

General Ekonomik

Geneko systems for Time& Attendance

Ball Packaging

We have to observe the business ethics

Telecom Serbia

Telecom Serbia supports young talents


New VoIP I WiMAX solutions

Sistem FTO

Security above all


Radio frequency identification

Direct Link

Studio 15 and 17 laptop computers


Installation of IP TV solution in Serbian






The largest ever storage information


Conference The Portorož Decleration