JISA INFO magazine in 2006.

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Content 4/06


Mobi 63 Acquired By Telenor – The Record-Hitting Foreign Investment In Serbia

Minister of Finances Mlađan Dinkić on behalf of the Serbian Government signed on (on Tuesday 1 August), The Contract of the Sale of Mobi 63 to Norwegian telecommunication company Telenor. On behalf of Telenor Jan Edvard Thygesen, Executive Vice President signed the contract.


ECDL at the Ministry of International Economic Relations

Group for informational technologies at the Ministry of International Economic Relations has from February 15 to May 12 trained and tested its employess in line with ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence, ECDL) standards


IBM System z9 –New challenge

By the end of April 2006 IBM presented new mainframe server series by name of System z9. Technologicaly, this series is the sequel of actual IBM z/Series development. Therefore, System z9 is the new brand name for this computer type.


On the way to new statistic system

Seminar „On the way to the new statistic system – partnership in development of national account in Serbia“, was organized by Istat and Statistical Office of Serbia.


Importance of harmonization in Serbian statistic system



National Bank of Serbia statistic – progress situation and coordination

His adressing at Seminar „On the way to the new statistic system – partnership in development of national account in Serbia“ the Governor of National Bank of Serbia Radovan Jelasic started with constatation that National Bank’s cooperation with the Statistical Office is guaranteed and that it works good.


NBS published appropriate coins on the occasion of 150 anniversary from birth of Nikola Tesla




On RTS website, under Meet RTS it says:

Hard period in the whole state and nation left consequences that cannot be removed in short time. It is the same in RTS. Huge material problems, large personnel, non-functional organization and no market orientation – are only few of many problems that are to be solved. How?



Key to success is team work

Fujitsu Siemens Computers in the first IDC's trimester report won first places in all computer categories – desktop computers, laptops and servers – and that is not typical for the region. U some countries in East Europe FSC is leader in some categories, but not in all three categories in the same time. It was good reason to talk to Vlada Tanaskovic, General Manager of FSC Serbian Office.


Awarded FSC technology for speeding-up branch offices work by means of big computer networks

Fujitsu Siemens Computers FibreCAT WAFS got global award from Microsoft for the best OEM solution.



Cisco Systems Company organized for the second time summit for Service Providers – Cable and Internet providers). The aim was to present all elements of Cisco Systems services to them.


New software system imlementation, story of success

AIK bank Niš in the year 2006 celebrates 30 years of succesful development, from the first steps to the strongest bank in Serbia. AIK bank moved into expansion of branch network at the end of 2002, when the new server system was acquired.


HP presented new doking station and laptop

Hewlett-Packard in june presented NAS Docking Station 3-in-1, for robust „all-in-one“ expanding for its laptops. Because of Network Attached Storage, NAS) it is good for storaging and file recovery.


Pexim in finals again

Conversation with Miodrag Mirčetić, Pexim Executive Manager, is regular article in our magazine. This time the reason is the new succes of Pexim Solutions – participation at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference which took place in Boston from July 11-13 2006 and at Partner Executive Summit the day before, on July 10.


CePP’s new services

We talked to Mr Mihailo Jovanovic, ITC Manager of Public Enterprise of PTT Communications about new Center’s for PTT E-business - CePP services, that made exceptionall results in previous period (from January to May 2006 business plan was surrpassed for 41%, and revenue was higher for 79%).


Cash deposition

For banking services users possibility to deposite cash when banking offices are closed is a big relief. At the other hand, by offering a new service banks are making a new possibility to fulfill its users needs (and to make a loyal customers) and to increase the revenue.


Domestic ERP solution

One of the greatest IT companies, Informatika, applied its own solution for Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP in some domestic enerprises. In conversation with Informatika’s experts we show you why they decided to use their own ERP solution, what are its advantages and what results it brought.



RFID system Falcon

GeneralEkonomik is one of the first companies in Serbia who started to use Radio Frequency Identification – RFID technology. Their developing team projected RFID system Falcon for automatic vehicle identification and tracking. The latest hardware solutions that are used enable much better performances than earlier – GRRS module enables data transmission through mobile telephony network, and that is the first GPRS technology appliance by RFID units.



Implementation of latest communication networks in bankig systems

TeleGroup company as system intagrator offers its customers solutions based on equipment made by different producers, and these solutions function perfectly thanks to extensive testing each of those solutions in laboratory and in the field. Thanks to numerous partnership contracts with world leading ICT companies we now can offer top solutions with optimal equipment selection. One was recently implemented in bank in Republic Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Time attendance management

Today there is big choice of standar software solution for each business segment. Today there is big choice of standard software solutions for every business segment. It seems that there is no question about that and that is harder to find good reason for „Tailored Software“ production.


Lampertz Modular Safes LMS 9.3

Lampertz IT- Security rooms


Business intelligence in practice

At the end of May 2006 Coming Computer Engineering is in cooperation with partner companies HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Informatica, Cognos i 3M, held conference „Business intelligence in practice“ for IT managers and development personnel, Financial Managers and those who make business decisions.


Siemens Megalopolis solution



Airport City Belgarde



Triple Play Cost Effective Solution

Telefonija a.d. in partnership with french company Netcentrex, offered new solutions to our market – class IV and V of IP telephony services, video telephony, Triple Play Services, Secured IP Trunking, IP Centrex, Voice/Video VPN, Voice / Video / Web Mail portals, interactive applications, Call centers, fixed-mobile convergence (FMC)... all that on unique platform!


Slowing down PC’s delivery in the second trimester


An E-mail Application Solution


Serbian Software Industry Competetivness Analysis