JISA INFO magazine in 2006.

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Discobolos 2005
After three months of work, jury composed of 20 experts from Chamber of Commerce, ICT Societies, Universities and Business Enterprises, on December 22, 2005, announced, on ceremony in Intercontinental Hotel, the most valuable informatics solutions of our business enterprises institutions.

Oracle Open day
Oracle, the world's largest enterprise software company, has provided the software and services that let organizations get the most up-to-date and accurate information from their business systems. This fact is proved by the number of visitors on Oracle Open day conference sustained in the begin of February.

SAP Partners: Safe Passage Partner Initiative
SAP is the recognized leader in providing collaborative business solutions for all types of industries and for every major market.


Cisco Systems – IP telephony
Cisco harnesses Internet protocol (IP) to deliver voice communications within the walls of a building or to connect offices around the world. Known as IP telephony, Cisco uses the communications foundation of the Internet to transport voice conversations alongside corporate data. IP telephony requires IP phones, a data network, and gateways to run a company's voice communications.

On a new assignment - Interview with Mr. Jozek Gruskovnjak...

Contact centre for business future
The biggest success of Algotech, which is lieder in merger of telecommunications solutions for sure is contact centre of Serbian mobile telephony on our market, which is up to date and also the most composite system on Balkan. Some of the domestic testimonials are DHL, EUnet, Delta bank, TetraPak, Hemofarm, Mobtel, Raiffeisen bank ect.

Supplementary security for business of transferable computers
Globally, the biggest damages in IT sector are caused by computers viruses.Secound,but not disregard on a “black list” is plunder of removable (notebook) computers. Luckily, there are prod actors and organizations that have solutions for that. American DELL, the biggest computer producers in the world offered a solution – security locker Kensington.
The biggest outlet of company DELL in Serbia, Belgrade Informatics ad., along with Dunav insurance inserted in their offer add – in suitability for buyers. Now, buyers can buy removable computer which is already insured, so they don’t have to go to a branch office.
So buyers have two options: basic and supplemental insurance.

First ECDL conference
On the occasion of Mr. Frank Mokler’s visit, representative of ECDL Foundation, and the performance of annual assessments of the quality of work of ECDL Licensee for Serbia and Montenegro (JISA and accredited Test Centers, on January 16, 2006 in big hall of National Library of Serbia was held first)

Strategy championship of companies IBIS – SYS siemens company and Tally Genicom
Domestic company IBIS – SYS continued tradition of teamwork with the biggest producers in the world of IT equipment, and become strategically partner to an American company Tally Genicom, which produce and sells all types of printers.

My object – the biggest quality of ministrations
Mellon Group the regional financing consultation company was build up in 1994 in Greece. At the moment it is one of the biggest IT companies in that country with a leader position on an electronic transactions market. Main target of company is to help clients in keeping investments.

ArhivInfo – digital list of registry material category
Priorities of company MicroFilm system are unlimited possibilities pf using digital informations.Instalationing software ArhiveInfo people have options to use all new informations at the certain moment.

Banca Intesa a.d. Belgrade is implementing Pexim Solution Thesauri
Pexim solution was the newest project of business intelligence of bank needs

Serbian Business Systems was awarded by Diskobolos 2005 in category of social services for implementing information system for business process in court-rooms.

Zeta system was building up in 1993 and since than it is an expert for bank business of using credit cards.




ECDL   Prva ECDL konferencija
SBS   Svetsko a ničije
IBM    Intervju on demand
MDS   MDS dan 2005
CISCO SYSTEMS   Na novom zadatku
CISCO SYSTEMS   IP mreža – četvrti infrastrukturni servis hotela
ORACLE   Oracle Open Day
IBIS-SYS   IBIS-SYS i IBM – Nova strateška vizija
IBIS-SYS   Strateško partnerstvo kompanija IBIS-SYS a siemens  
Company i Telly Genicom
ALGOTECH   Kontakt centar za budućnost poslovanja
SAP     SAP – partner na koga se možete osloniti
PEXIM   Banca Intesa a.d. Beograd uvodi Pexim Solutions Tezauri
MELLON   Moj cilj – najviši kvalitet usluga
INFORMATIKA   Dodatna sigurnost za kupce prenosivih računara
INFORMATIKA   Izložba ''Računarstvo u Srbiji''
GENERAL EKONOMIK    General Ekonomik samostalno izlaže na Cebitu
ZETA SYSTEM   Zaokružena ponuda u oblasti POS mreža
DISKOBOLOS      Diskobolos 2005
ŠPICA    Biometrija gvozdena vrata otvara
INSTITUT PUPIN   Upravljanje bloka A2 snage 210 MW u termoelektrani 
''Nikola Tesla'' sistemom View T/Power
MIKROFILM   ArhivInfo – digitalna lista kategorija registraturskog
TEHNIČKI FAKULTET BOR     Univerzalna merna stanica na bazi personalnog računara
SDD ITG   Primeri primena RFID tehnologije
TELEGROUP   U susret petogodišnjici uspešnog poslovanja
VESIMPEX   Rittal Highlight
  Rittal tehnologija gorivne ćelije
TELEFONIJA    Internet radio i televizija 
PAKOM    Prvi seminar Pakoma i Western Digitala
COMTRADE   Comtrade otvorio novi tehnološki centar
CENTAR ZA APLIKATIVNA ISTRAŽIVANJA   Istraživanje o upotrebi računara i interneta u Crnoj Gori
BEOGRADSKA BERZA    Belex info – sistem za prikaz trgovanja na Beogradskoj berzi
u realnom vremenu
HP    Radni doručak sa novinarima
ENERGODATA   Vrhunsko a ekonomično upravljanje upravljanje
GEMAX   WIFI zona na teniskom turniru
VERANO       Peugeot 407 Coupe stigao u Srbiju

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